GoBig Creative Launches VaaS: a New Monthly-Subscription Video Marketing Service

GoBig Creative has launched a new monthly video marketing service that will provide fresh and consistent visual content geared towards startups and SMEs.

Sacramento, CA, April 18, 2019 --(PR.com)-- GoBig Creative will be launching VaaS: Video as a Strategy, its new video marketing service. Geared to help Startups and SMEs produce fresh video content every month, VaaS creates quality content that can be used to create ads for your social media channels and to update the content of your website. This visual content can make or break your brand’s online success and establish you as an industry leader in your specific field.

“We developed VaaS to be the single most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal,” says Bryce Johnson, CEO and Creative Director of GoBig Creative.

Today’s users consume more video compared to other forms of digital content, and VaaS incorporates video as a part of your digital marketing strategy. VaaS provides a high-quality monthly service that leverages the most important aspects of content creation – consistency. Through a subscription-based service, your digital marketing efforts will remain ROI-efficient as compared to one time video productions. A monthly subscription video marketing service can provide better results that can increase your online presence, build brand awareness, gain online followers, increase website traffic, increase sales, etc. as opposed to expensive one-time video productions.

Over the past few years video as a marketing medium has gone through countless changes in its transformation from a simple marketing tactic into an entire marketing business strategy. Video is no longer just an option but an absolute necessity to the success of your brand. With the help of consistent video marketing, your business branding and your digital marketing aligns.

“The future is VaaS. Bold statement? We think so,” says Daron Go, Marketing Director of GoBig Creative.

GoBig Creative is a Digital Marketing Agency which specializes in producing high-yield yet cost-effective Visual Content that converts traffic to results. The agency is geared towards helping SMEs and start-ups kick off their digital marketing. They are based in two locations: Salt Lake City, Utah and Sacramento, California. For more info check out their website at gobigcreative.com.
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