SocksLane Maintains High Reorder Rate to Kick Off 2019

Portland, OR, May 01, 2019 --( A high reorder rate is an excellent indicator for the success of a business, and it is of particular significance for a smaller company like SocksLane. While some might assume the company won't have the speed or success rate of bigger, flashier brands, the fact that a 75% portion of the client base keeps coming back shows that they have developed a deep appreciation for the product, and that the company has developed a reputation for delivering quality, snug-fitting, tourniquet-effect-free, allergy-free cotton compression socks. This is according to their Amazon sales since the start of 2019.

This rate can be said to be expected to hold and even improve now that the company has expanded its offerings.

Dave Dixon, co-founder of the company said, "Customer satisfaction is a crucial component of running any business, and this is particularly true for businesses that call for providing customer comfort and relieving their conditions. Various companies have explored the current rise in popularity of compression attire, but have struggled with keeping customers and fostering good word of mouth because of substandard materials, poor design, or lacking customer care. SocksLane has managed to avoid these pitfalls, and has even garnered the highest reorder rate in the industry, with 75% of clients eager to give the company return business."

Co-founded by Amanda and Dave Dixon, the company has always been built on the core values of integrity, honesty, and customer care. The company's focus has always been customer satisfaction and the provision of a quality product, and this has been the constant drive of the company since day one. The anti-allergy composition of the company's cotton compression socks -- 65% combed cotton and 35% hypoallergenic fibers including Spandex and Lycra -- allows the company to achieve the goal of keeping customers comfortable and confident in wearing their cotton compression socks, elbow sleeves, and knee sleeves.

SocksLane products can be browsed and bought at the company website,, or through Amazon at
Amanda Dixon