Communications Strategies Launches New Powerhouse Public Relations Podcast

A program to give listeners current on a wide range of current public relations topics from unique perspectives of practitioners from across the country.

Nashville, TN, April 23, 2019 --( Communications Strategies, a leading public relations and public affairs company in Nashville, has announced the launch of Public Relations Review podcast, a program that will give listeners the opportunity to get current information on a wide range of PR topics from the unique perspectives of a variety of outstanding communications practitioners who come from different industries and disciplines.

“An effective public relations plan can provide a business or organization with a strategic road map of goals, objectives and tactics to help them achieve their business goals,” said Peter Woolfolk, president of Communications Strategies and the podcast developer. “Our target audience includes those small to mid-sized public relations firms, organizations and businesses that could benefit this kind of counseling and strategy, but who may not have the resources to engage a firm or consultant.”

Among the guests on Public Relations Review are Arminda Figueroa, Chief Marketing Connector & Founder of Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who provided extensive details on the most effective ways to produce successful events that attract the Hispanic population. Michael Shmarak, Sidney Maxwell Public Relations in Chicago, IL, articulated why he believes "storycrafting" is superior to storytelling.

Most programs average 20-30 minutes and are uploaded within one day of recording so the information is always current.

A unique aspect of the program will be the inclusion of guests who can discuss the details of various public relations software that will familiarize the show’s audience with programs that they might be able to utilize to for their own public relations needs.

Woolfolk also noted that another feature, “For Your Information,” which will present short presentations on topics that may not support a full interview, will soon be added. FYI will be presented as an add-on to the end of selected shows or as multiple items collected into one show.

Public Relations Review is currently hosted on Soundcloud, Apple & Google podcasts, Spreaker, Stitcher, Podbean, Anchor and other sites, which could expose Public Relations Review to over 100 million listeners.
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