MYKE Technologies - New Products: Aluminium Die-Castings

MYKE Technologies' Metal Division produce precision investment castings in both stainless steel and carbon steel. Besides investment casting parts, the company also manufactures precision aluminum and zinc die-casting parts.

Singapore, Singapore, April 26, 2019 --( MYKE Technologies manufacture aluminium and zinc die-casting parts for myriad industries including but not limited to automotive, machinery, equipment, industrial and many commercial applications.

Die casting, like many other metal casting production processes, use molten metal like aluminium or zinc, and forced into a mold cavity(s) under very high pressure to form the finished part (according to the shape in the mold). The mold cavity(s) is machined to the customer’s design. However, except certain intricate portions may have to be post machined after casting. Typically, the mold cavity(s) is made from two pieces of hardened tool steel dies which are machined to shape per the customer’s design. These two dies work like in plastic injection (mold) except the molten material is aluminium or zinc. Most of die-cast parts are made of non-ferrous metals - aluminium, zinc, copper, magnesium, tin, etc. alloys.

Aluminium die casting is a non-expendable method of molding. Because of the stability of using the same mold after each cycle, the cycle can be repeated. And with just a change to another mold, a new part can be produced from the same machine. Mold change-over time can also be minimized. Thus, this type of production process can produce a myriad of products, designs and parts in various shapes and sizes with great accuracy.

Aluminium die casting parts is processed under high pressure of up to 4500 p.s.i. Because most of the die-casting processes involve very intricate equipment and molds, the capital outlay for a die-casting production line is very costly. Thus, larger volume quantities production are needed. The typical processes of manufacturing aluminium die-casting parts follow four key steps. Incremental cost per item becomes relatively small. Thus, aluminium die-casting is very suitable for large volume small to medium sized parts. MYKE Technologies' aluminium die-casting parts can obtain very good surface finish as the molds are precision machined to size and polished when needed.

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