MYKE Technologies Unveils Its Metal Division’s Aluminium Sheets, Plates, and Blocks

In this periodical release, MYKE Technologies unveils its Metal Division’s aluminium sheets, plates, and blocks, aimed at being the ultimate solution in material selection for the Aerospace industry. A story is added as MYKE Technologies progresses in its journey. MYKE Technologies listens... - June 09, 2022

MYKE Technologies Launches Stainless-Steel Glass Pool Panel Clamps and Stands

These clamps and stands are made from high-grade stainless steel, the Duplex 2205 (UNS S32205) to facilitate intense applications, including heavy-duty applications and provides excellent corrosion resistance. MYKE Technologies' range of 2205 Duplex products includes Clamps, Bracket Mounts, Spigot Stands, and many more. - May 28, 2022

MYKE Technologies' New Product Rollout-Spigots and Clamps for Balustrade and Glass Pool Installations

MYKE Technologies' Spigots and Clamps offer a new way of providing a secure hold up of the fence, rail, or panel for Balustrade and Glass Pool installations. - April 15, 2022

MYKE Technologies is Launching a New Product, the GN Trays

MYKE Technologies is launching a new product today, the GN Trays. Its unique sizes allows nesting, making them stackable thus providing for ease of use and much more, saving storage space. - April 05, 2022

MYKE Technologies Product Release: Precision Stainless Steel Investment Casting

MYKE Technologies' Metal Division produce precision Investment castings in both stainless steel and carbon steel. Besides investment casting, the company also manufacture aluminium and zinc diecasting. - June 02, 2019

MYKE Technologies Product Release: Stainless Steel Trays for Food and Laboratory Use

MYKE Technologies' Metal Division produce precision stamped parts in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The company also produces standard sized stainless steel trays used in laboratories, research & development and food. - May 18, 2019

MYKE Technologies - New Products: Aluminium Die-Castings

MYKE Technologies' Metal Division produce precision investment castings in both stainless steel and carbon steel. Besides investment casting parts, the company also manufactures precision aluminum and zinc die-casting parts. - April 26, 2019

MYKE Technologies - New Range of Rubber O-Ring Seals and X-Ring Seals

MYKE Technologies' rubber products are manufactured with high quality compounds. The company manufactures both custom and standard products. MYKE Technologies also manufacture parts in rubber over-mold to metal. Today, the company is pleased to announce the addition to the company's Standard Rubber products range new range of O-Ring Seals and X-Ring Seals. - April 22, 2019

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