Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) Program Releases Menu for Children Afflicted with PANDAS/PANS

Menu Calls for Food Rich with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Suwanee, GA, April 25, 2019 --( The Nutritional Addiction Mitigation Eating and Drinking (NAMED) program announces that its founder and CEO, Dr. Keith Kantor has developed a comprehensive nutritional menu for children who are afflicted with PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) and PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome). Both conditions are autoimmune responses triggered by strep that causes inflammation within the brain. Research has shown that nourishing the brain with high quality omega 3 fatty acids improves and helps manage symptoms. The NAMED recipe plan is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, low in processed sugar, includes optimal high-quality proteins, is dye free and encourages chemical pure whole foods as much as possible. The foods in the NAMED plan include those with Omega 3 fatty acids from walnuts, wild caught salmon, avocados, turmeric, bone broth, ginger, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, pineapple, dark leafy greens. In addition, Dr. Kantor strongly urges parents to avoid traditional sport drinks/juice, candy, processed snacks, cereals, artificial sweeteners, and gluten containing starches.

“Children are being diagnosed with OCD and other neurological disorders at an alarming rate,” said Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO and Founder of NAMED. Research shows approximately 25% of the cases are caused by PANS/PANDAS. "A healthy and nutritional diet strong with Omega 3 fatty acids is essential to treating these conditions. At NAMED, we have developed a menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks per day that will treat the and alleviate some of the inflammation brought by these conditions."

“Our diet plan includes meals and snacks for all seven days of the week,” continued Dr. Kantor. “While this menu is not a cure for PANDAS and PANS it will greatly lessen the inflammation and other side effects caused by these two conditions. I was honored when asked to find out if specific nutrition can help mitigate PANS/PANDAS," said Kantor. "The answer is yes, the specific anti-inflammatory menus and pure hydroxide water will help lessen the inflammation. Inflammation in the brain is what causes OCD and other neurological disorders in about 1/4 of the cases. Although this does not kill the streptococcal infection, it will decrease the inflammation it causes, which will help with the neurological disorders believed to be brought on by the inflammation. To be one of the first to really investigate the nutritional aspects of PANS/PANDAS is very exciting. I believe based on initial results, clinical testing will not only prove it helps but will allow doctors to decrease the strength and duration of treatments."

PANDAS is considered a pediatric disorder and typically first appears in childhood from age 3 to puberty. Reactions to strep infections are rare after age 12. Symptoms of PANDAS are usually dramatic, happen “overnight and out of the blue,” and can include motor and/or vocal tics, obsessions, and/or compulsions. In addition to these symptoms, children may also become moody or irritable, experience anxiety attacks, or show concerns about separating from parents or loved ones.

PANS present a sudden, seemingly inexplicable change in children, and we understand that getting accurate diagnosis, proper treatment and family support can make a profound difference for both the child’s health and the entire family’s well-being. PANS is a clinical diagnosis given to children who have a dramatic – sometimes overnight – onset of neuropsychiatric symptoms including obsessions/compulsions or food restriction. They are often diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or an eating disorder, but the sudden onset of symptoms separates PANS from these other disorders. In addition, they may have symptoms of depression, irritability, anxiety, and have difficulty with schoolwork. The cause of PANS is unknown in most cases but is thought to be triggered by infections, metabolic disturbances, and other inflammatory reactions.

The NAMED program is the only one in the world that concentrates on not stimulating the opiate receptors or even suppressing them naturally through specially designed menus. This lowers the cravings for the abused drug, increases the success rate and lowers the relapse rate. The program also lowers the inflammation in our bodies, which causes the insulin production mechanism in our bodies to malfunction. In addition to substance abuse. NAMED uses the same concept (specially designed menus and specific hydration) to mitigate Mental Illnesses. Also, Dr. Kantor is in charge of the Nutrition Program for, helping veterans to mitigate almost any disease/illness including substance abuse and mental illness with precise nutrition and specific hydration. The NAMED Program also helps the general public mitigate almost any disease/illness with precise nutrition, specific hydration and healthy lifestyle additions.
David Johnson