Wrkoo, a New Client Support Software Aims to Help Businesses Provide the Best, Most Secure Service

Orlando, FL, April 25, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Exchange Defender, an industry-leader of cyber security for small businesses, in conjunction with its parent company, Own Web Now, has announced the launch of a new software as a service (SAAS) product called Wrkoo. Wrkoo, the client support software helps businesses track, manage, and solve customer support requests easily.

The ticketing tool is now available.

Wrkoo aims to assist small businesses in providing a streamlined customer support experience using their ticketing system software. This highly integrated, SaaS software is flexible and able to manage the day to day support operations of a firm of any size. It’s simple in design, yet powerful enough to securely store an infinite number of customer profiles and interactions.

Wrkoo comes with a powerful dashboard for client support agents and a supervisor dashboard that will help executives track the success of their support team. The ticketing system is accessible 24/7 securely via WiFi access. With Wrkoo, teams can boost their productivity and time efficiency by solving client requests at a faster rate – they are able to do this with the software’s built-in smart notifications that quickly notify support agents of any changes to requests.

The support tool also has a task manager feature that assists in the management of daily tasks, allowing agents to beat deadlines, and collaborate with team members easily. This integration helps support teams to easily recognize where they are in the day-to-day processes. Wrkoo’s dashboard allows client support teams, and their managers to oversee daily support operations.

Wrkoo launched with two plans, Professional and Enterprise available between $49-$69 a month, and is customizable which allows companies to maintain branding consistency. The ticketing software requires zero installation and zero onboarding due to the user-friendliness of the platform.

“Wrkoo was built to bridge the gap for daily problems that businesses are facing including lack of time, errors, human inconsistency, competition, and performance to name a few,” said Wrkoo Founder, Vlad Mazek. “Wrkoo will establish the brand as a leader in the industry in regard to client support. We have the most secure helpdesk on the market and we are proud to be the most affordable option for small business.”

For more information about Wrkoo, please visit https://www.wrkoo.com/
Melodie Duperval