California Rapper ODDville Drops New Song “ODD”

Miami, FL, April 30, 2019 --( Spotify star ODDville drops new song, "ODD." ODDville is starting to get more press from critics, and this track was the answer to critics out there. "I love critics," states ODDville. "It gives me drive to be better, and the song is my answer to those who doubt me," ODDville says with a smile. As the rapper's fan base increases, demand for his production skills have increased. His label, Dream Records has dozens of artists ready to collaborate. Tour dates are to be announced.

If you don’t know ODDville, you may be out of the loop. He’s not just any artist, he’s a legitimate creator in the world of music and works solo. His ravenous commitment for music has set a monstrous stage for the rising artist. Fellow Rappers on the label are excited for a turn to work with ODDville, as his hit making skills never disappoint. A California native, his nickname at Dream Holdings Records is "Baby Dr. Dre."

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