CloudOptics Unveils New Offering to Enable Enterprises Automate Rapid Cloud Security

The latest offering provides the competence for enterprises to quickly and accurately assess, report and remediate cloud security-related issues.

New York, NY, April 29, 2019 --( CloudOptics, a fast-growing cybersecurity technology firm pioneering an integrated cybersecurity platform for hybrid cloud, today announced Security Assessment and Advisory, a new offering to provide customers cloud-based tools to automate cloud security assessment of global IT assets. This fills the gap in the vulnerability assessment market, which may not include cloud configuration while doing standard VA/PT.

Despite all the fuss about the cloud being a boon to new generation technology, not all IT enterprises are racing toward the cloud due to security concerns. Constant surge in cyber-attacks, complexity in tracking and enforcing multiple cloud deployments in multi-cloud paradigm, identifying misconfigurations, ensuring continuous compliance for all cloud assets are some of the challenges faced by cloud-driven enterprises. To help enterprises to overcome these challenges, CloudOptics is introducing Assessment and Advisory for an automated cloud security assessment. Assessment and Advisory provides rapid assessment and simple workflows for evaluating and reporting by eliminating the cost, resource and deployment issues associated with the traditional vulnerability management approaches. By leveraging the cloud platform, Assessment and Advisory enables more enterprises to better protect their cloud assets against today’s evolving threat landscape.

"As workloads continue to move to the cloud, enterprises are increasingly realizing the complications to protect these workloads," reveals the 2019 Cloud Security Report.

“The tools and technologies used to protect organizations from hacks and attacks are not devised for today’s challenging business and IT environments. Traditional approaches to vulnerability assessments leave much to be desired. We strive to help independent auditors, managed service providers and organizations get a grip on cloud vulnerabilities, faster and free of false positives," says Aseem Rastogi, Founder and CEO of CloudOptics.

CloudOptics Assessment and Advisory offers:

Broad coverage: CloudOptics not only covers a broad range of services within specific cloud provider such as AWS but also provides them across providers like Azure and Google.

Unified view: The ever-active cloud platform radars of CloudOptics provides continuous visibility of all cloud assets and enables to get an integrated view of the security posture.

Multi-compliance: Empowers enterprises to handle multiple compliance requirements resulting in greater cost effectiveness and flexibility. Strong assessment offering to cover ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, NIST-CyberSecurity Framework, CSA-Cloud Control Matrix amongst others.

Rapid Evaluation: Industry leading security and compliance assessment (within an hour) for most customers.

Easy to use interface: Provides a user-friendly web interface enabling a central management with zero deployment and takes the industry further into security-as-a-service territory. Peace of mind with ability to download sample report.

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