Appliance Repair Company in Panama City Beach Launches Mobile-Friendly Website to Meet Latest Trends

Panama City Beach, FL, April 28, 2019 --( A to Z Appliance Repair, an appliance repair company in Panama City Beach, Florida, is announcing the recent launch of their mobile-friendly website and accompanying Internet outreach campaign. This website and campaign are a result of the company's partnership with Prospect Genius, an online marketing agency that designs websites and increases visibility for local service providers. The goal of this partnership is to help A to Z Appliance Repair connect with more nearby residents.

Launching a mobile-friendly website to reach local customers is a prescient strategy for a small business like A to Z Appliance Repair. According to a recent Deloitte report, U.S. adults look at their smartphones an average of 52 times per day. Furthermore, a 2018 report from Stone Temple shows that a strong majority—63%—of all internet traffic in America takes place on mobile devices.

In other words, a website that is optimized for mobile functionality and appeals to mobile users is a vital marketing component in 2019.

Observing this trend, A to Z Appliance Repair partnered with Prospect Genius to design and implement a functional, mobile-optimized website. The appliance repair company hopes this new website will make it efficient for smartphone and tablet users to read about dryer repairs, refrigerator repairs, oven repairs, and other services on their website.

Prospect Genius's senior marketer, Matt Gallo, explains, "Given how much time Panama City Beach residents spend on their smartphones and tablets, it's obvious why we needed to build mobile adaptability into A to Z Appliance Repair's website from the jump."

By joining forces, Prospect Genius and A to Z Appliance Repair will ensure that local mobile users are able to scroll, click, and read the appliance repair company's website on their handheld devices with no technical difficulties.

Gallo adds, "Our number-one goal is to make visiting A to Z Appliance Repair's website a nice, pleasant experience for everyone, no matter what kind of device they're using. A lot of appliance technicians don't realize it, but user experience is a major factor in getting folks to ultimately call you for jobs like washer-dryer repair, fridge repair, and so on. If they can't navigate your website, they're going to give up and find the next company on the list, instead."

A to Z Appliance Repair is an appliance service located in Panama City Beach. An experienced appliance repair company, we offer services for everything from dryer repair to dishwasher repair to stove repair.
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