SocksLane Receives Positive Review on Italian Blog

Portland, OR, May 04, 2019 --( SocksLane has been hard at work continuing to provide quality products over the first five months of this year, continuing a run that has always focused on customer satisfaction and quality offerings. It's always good news for a brand that has been working that hard when customers and clients recognize the dedication to customer enjoyment and bang-for-the-buck product, which is why a new review from Italian blog is certainly worth acknowledging. is the brainchild of Anett, who started the blog in 2013 to share her insight and personal taste on various fashion trends, and how fashion reflects people's personalities. Anett's various other interests, such as travel, also feature often on the blog. SocksLane cotton compression wear, thus, is an interesting intersection between these interests.

An April 24, 2019 entry talks about Anett's opinions on SocksLane compression socks, which Anett was able to try in order to satisfy her curiosity about the current compression wear trend. She cites the need for compression wear and the many risk factors that might lead to health issues like deep vein thrombosis and other uncomfortable maladies, which can be mitigated with the use of compression socks. Her own penchant for traveling a lot has allowed her to appreciate the benefits of compression wear.

Anett specifically cites the comfort level of the socks as her favorite feature. SocksLane makes its compression socks with customer comfort foremost in mind, which leads to a design focusing on allergy-free fabrics (a 65%/35% blend of combed cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics). This breathable, anti-allergenic, anti-odor solution is a good way to use compression to your benefit. She also appreciates how SocksLane socks defy the misconception that compression is uncomfortable or constricting, noting that she "didn't even feel them at all" -- signifying that the benefits are there without any discomfort or problematic reactions.

SocksLane products are available for purchase from the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon