Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda, President of Lits Group Inc., on Common Myths Surrounding Entrepreneurship

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda discusses common myths that many aspiring entrepreneurs believe to be true and shares the truth behind them.

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda, President of Lits Group Inc., on Common Myths Surrounding Entrepreneurship
Panama City, Panama, May 08, 2019 --( For many people, the thought of entrepreneurship conjures images of a rich business professional who works from home for four hours a day and takes lengthy beach vacations five times a year. It’s a nice image, but it’s far from the truth. There are many myths surrounding entrepreneurship; here are three of the most common ones and the truth behind them.

You’re your own boss
Many people spout this entrepreneurship myth as the reason they want to become an entrepreneur. They picture being in charge of every aspect of the business, including when they work and what kind of tasks they do. While it would be nice to be fully in charge, it simply isn’t the case. The boss is the person we answer to, and entrepreneurs have to answer to a lot of people, including customers, investors, employees, board members, and anyone else who comes in contact with the business and product. Owning your own business comes with a whole new level of responsibility that requires you to answer to others.

You’ll get rich
When we think of entrepreneurs, we often think of people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. These are people who had great ideas and took the leap to start their own business and achieved great success doing so. So much success, that they’re now billionaires. Many people go into entrepreneurship because they similarly think they’ll achieve those same levels of success. While starting your own business is one way to become rich, it’s not a sure thing. The chances of a start-up company succeeding are 9 to 1. Being successful and making money is about playing the game right. That game may be entrepreneurship, but it may also be a corporate career.

You’ll have a flexible schedule
Another reason many people decide to pursue entrepreneurship is because they believe it offers a level of flexibility that other jobs don’t. They picture themselves making their own hours and taking beach vacations whenever they please. After all, if you aren’t tied down to an office, you’re free to get your work done on your own time and use the rest of your day to relax. This picture of entrepreneurship is almost the complete opposite of the truth. As a new entrepreneur, you’ll be working much longer hours than you would in an office. Getting a business off the ground takes hard work and a lot of time. You may be working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Because you’re the business owner, you’re in charge of a number of essential tasks, which can range from taking calls and meetings with investors to running errands to pick things up to make your product. While there is more flexibility in entrepreneurship, that flexibility comes with a lot more responsibilities.

About Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda
Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is a skilled professional with high levels of experience in marketing and sales, importing, and management of major brands. Through the course of his career, Andres has managed market-leading enterprises and has introduced brands into new countries. Currently, he serves as the president of Lits Group Inc. This company, located in Panama, helps businesses effectively manage their finances. Andres also works as the Director of D-Bike CA, a representative and distributor of various prestigious outdoor and sporting good brands.

Outside of work, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is passionate about outdoor sports, including biking, skiing and snowboarding, and environmental conservation.
Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda