Leading Animated Video Creation Platform, Wideo, Announces Move to HTML5 and Expanded Features

Wideo announces changes to HTML5 technology and new features for its over 2.3 million users.

Mountain View, CA, May 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Wideo (https://wideo.co/), a leading animated video creation platform, released their new HTML5 editor today, as many browsers move to stop supporting Flash. This announcement benefits Wideo’s 2.3 million global users who will no longer have to activate Flash in their browser to edit, create, or view their animated videos. The new HTML5 video player will be compatible with any Internet browser, making animated video creation even easier.

The switch to HTML5 means more features in the Wideo tool. Users can edit animations and object properties from a single, unified panel, as well as use exact numbers to define values for object scaling, rotation, position, transitions, and keyframe times. The HTML5 video player also means users can share and embed their videos on their websites or blogs or share them via URLs without having to worry that the recipient has the Flash plugin installed. Videos in HTML5 also have better visibility and quality on mobile devices, which Flash does not offer.

Wideo users can create and download videos in different formats and use the over 100 fonts available. The platform integrates with Unsplash.com, so users can add high-quality images without leaving the editor. “This new technology will allow us to continue improving the video creation experience for our users, providing them with more useful features that are even easier to use. With this upgrade, we can make updates to the software quickly and we plan to release new features every two weeks,” said Agus Esperon, Co-founder and Head of UX and Design.

Wideo users are a mix of small business marketers, non-profits, and designers. With the switch to HTML5, the platform features more graphics, sounds, and 100+ fonts, as well as the ability to edit sounds start and end times, activate or deactivate loops, and fade out for each audio file independently. Wideos will now work on any browser and on any device and come with new animation effects, image adjustment filter, and export output file formats.

Wideo is also making a push to help users create social videos. With the new upgrade, Wideos are now available in custom aspect ratios to create videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. In the coming months, users will be able to upload footage and film as well.

About Wideo
Wideo is a leading animated video and presentation web app that allows businesses of all sizes, marketing professionals, and educators produce their own professional-quality video content. Its click and drag animation technology and tools for brand identity make it easy to use to use, yet robust enough for people with or without prior editing experience to produce unique video content. Wideo also provides resources such as educational guides and cloud video hosting so that businesses can harness the power of video in their marketing strategies. Founded in 2012, Wideo is based in Mountain View, California with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seoul, South Korea.
Agus Esperon