Hodusoft Introduce Voice Broadcasting Software for Promotional Marketing

Voice broadcasting is not only cost saving but also quite effective in generating leads, besides a host of other uses. Get latest release of full-featured Hodusoft voice broadcasting software and watch it pay for itself.

Ahmedabad, India, May 15, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Hodusoft, a division of global VoIP leaders, Ecosmob, announced full-featured multi-functional voice broadcasting software for use in marketing, banking, education, healthcare, travel, retail, security and political campaigns.

The company’s VP said that the voice broadcasting software is the product of intensive research into all possible use case scenarios and expectations of user segments about functionality and costs. Hodusoft’s broadcasting software is the best match and incorporates virtually all features in an easy to use package.

Talking about the feature set he said that Hodusoft’s package is the most comprehensive with some versatile features like multilingual support, call broadcast, SMS broadcast, real time status, simple to use dashboard, call routing, IVR, scheduler, campaign management, lead management and security. The sophisticated, AI based broadcasting software can detect whether the call goes to an answering machine or human and connect. It can be operated in a multi-tenant mode and has full trunk and gateway management capability with support for 1000 concurrent broadcasts with one click. It is easy to use and fast too. One can select numbers from a database, set time for broadcast and thousands of messages stream out within just a couple of minutes.

As for use scenarios, the voice broadcast solution proves its worth in different ways. Businesses can use it to send out offers or initiate promotional campaigns. There is no need to engage personnel for cold calls. Include a callback facility and the target can be funneled into the sales process. Educational and other institutions can make use of the software to broadcast voice messages to thousands of students. Government organizations will find it invaluable to send out notifications such as change of laws or reminders for tax dues or to broadcast disaster warning message in just a couple of minutes. The number of calls that can be sent out can be scaled up or down. One can record messages or use the text to speech converter and have multi-lingual translations in seconds. There is plenty of flexibility such as polling, for instance.

Software, he stated, may be the most sophisticated but how it is used and project management make a difference to outcomes. Hodusoft provides full support for its voice broadcasting software. It starts with discussion of immediate purpose and Hodusoft engineers also provide information on innovative uses. It goes further with software installation and training where necessary to ensure success in use and success in outcomes. “We do not leave our customers halfway,” said the VP.

Hodusoft’s broadcasting solution is affordable and feature rich for its price since it is based on open source FREESWITCH platform. Enterprises may opt for it as an on-premise solution or as a hosted solution for when they wish to conduct campaigns. Inquiries are welcome on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or live chat on http://www.hodusoft.com.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12769469-hodusoft-introduce-voice-broadcasting-software-for-promotional-marketing.html
Sindhav Bhagirath