Mission-Ready and Set to Go: The 12 Meter Military Cabin Boat Launch from Ocean Craft Marine

Annapolis, MD, May 20, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Ocean Craft Marine has been building boats for the military and professional use since its inception. The company uses its collective experience of about 100 years in the marine industry to offer customised marine solutions for military, professional and recreational mariners. The company recently launched a 12M Military Cabin Boat that caters to various mission profiles across agencies – Patrols, Port Security, Law Enforcement, Anti-piracy or Search & Rescue.

About 12M in length, this RHIB has been engineered to offer exceptional seakeeping capabilities in both offshore and near-shore areas. A hydrodynamic concave reverse-chine hull design not only makes it easier to cut through the water and go faster, but also stops water from splashing into the boat. This design enables it to navigate shallower and deeper waters with ease.

If this boat’s hull is built for speed, its air-conditioned cabin is designed for comfort. The latter is constructed from aluminium and fiberglass, which is light but quite strong. It houses a berthing area for the crew, Ullman shock-mitigating seats, and slide open windows with a unique down-angled windscreen design that offer a 360-degree arc of visibility. Weapons can be mounted on the forward deck. And the latest C4ISTAR electronics ensure that the crew is always connected to their base teams.

Finally, the 12M Military Cabin Boat is powered by three 350HP Yamaha outboard engines and delivers a top speed of over 60 Mph, while its 200-gallon fuel tank makes it perfect for long mission range as well as on-station loitering.

“At OCM, we are proud to do our bit to serve the country. Every boat that we design and build is customised to the specific requirements of the mission, agency or individual. These versatile Cabin Boats have been designed for speed, agility and comfort, and we believe that they will be a valuable addition to the resources of the military and law enforcement.” - Roy Nouhra, Founder - Ocean Craft Marine.
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