Glorails Introduces Their Smart RGB Bluetooth Glorails

Smart automotive light bars. Smart enough to know what state you are in and restrict any illegal colors for that state via Bluetooth phone App.

Conroe, TX, May 18, 2019 --( "Glorails introduced their smart RGB bluetooth / Wifi Light bars earlier this year," according to their founder Bryan Hickman. Mr. Hickman said, "After three years of R&D we finally have Glorails the way we envisioned the product to be and with one model design that can be sold to most all existing automotive lighting markets local or international due to its RGB capabilities." Mr. Hickman also says, "Glorails can be marketed to automotive lighting enthusiast and to police and or emergency departments. We are smart enough to determine what colors are illegal in each state and restrict those particular colors so as to make it legal to sell those low lumens diffused light bars in those stubborn states with excessive laws regarding colored light bars." Mr. Hickman has said, "They will also be marketed to law enforcement and as an amber emergency lighting system in those states. They are controlled via a smart phone and can be programmed for what ever application is desired. These light bars should be legal in most all states because of it's low lumens and they do not blind other drivers in anyway. Glorails allow the user to be better seen in any situation and could help save lives. You can find this product by googling 'Glorails.'"
Bryan Hickman