New Book Showcases Experienced Traveler’s Tips to Travel

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a book designed to help readers overcome their fear of travel and travel with confidence. It’s written by Ian Watts, who has extensive experience from his own travels.

Sutter Creek, CA, May 29, 2019 --( Ian Watts has traveled by car, train, bus, bicycle, plane, small boats, elephant, gondola, tuk-tuk, oxcart and big ships in more than 25 countries – some more than once. He has turned those experiences into a practical travel guide, newly released by Dog Ear Publishing.

“Ian’s Essential Travel tips” aims to give readers the ability to make choices that are both practical and safe while avoiding potential pitfalls. His overarching message is simple: “Never settle for mediocrity if you can choose a superior option for the same cost. And never compromise your safety for the sake of saving money,” he writes.

The book addresses a wide range of concerns for travelers. It covers such things as preventing theft, language barriers, packing, terrorism threats, methods for getting around, tours vs. independent travel, electronics, tipping and staying healthy. Watts writes for first-time travelers as well as those who are more seasoned in hopes that they can avoid common mistakes and make wise choices.

The book’s practical advice provides a useful framework to make prudent choices about travel, which Watts believes is a life-enriching experience not to be missed. As he writes, “When you dive in and make your first trip to an unfamiliar location, you will return with critically important knowledge about yourself and your place in the world – what motivates you and what you don’t want to repeat, and you will be able to tailor your next trip to you.”

Author Ian Watts has been fascinated by travel since reading National Geographic magazines as a child. He began traveling by himself early on and continues to do so. He holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and has over 30 years experience as a healthcare safety and compliance professional. Watts and his wife live in a tiny town in northern California in a restored gold rush-era boarding house.

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Ian’s Essential Travel Tips
Ian Watts
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6535-9 140 pages $10.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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