Golfer Turned Cyclist Shares Glimpse Into His Life’s Journey in New Memoir

PGA golf professional William Lamb, now also a cycling professional, unflinchingly details the challenges and victories of his life in his new biography, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Waco, TX, May 30, 2019 --( Living life to its fullest requires an understanding that if one is not entering a storm then they are coming out of one and that’s not a bad thing. Storms have a purpose. Embrace them and trust a rainbow will follow. That’s how one man describes his life’s journey in a new memoir released by Dog Ear Publishing.

“From There to Here: Lessons from the Saddle” begins with William Lamb’s memories of a challenging childhood and gives a vivid account of revelations realized by a young man who met his parents at age 7 and found himself living alone making his way in the world at age 15. From life’s peaks as a PGA professional flying across the country in private jets to the deepest physical and emotional battles as an endurance mountain bike racer dealing with the harshest conditions imaginable, Lamb’s authenticity regarding his journey will encourage readers to reflect on their own lives and perhaps view it in a whole new light. As he writes, “have you ever taken the time to reflect upon the part of the journey you’ve completed? …Of course not, you’re in the middle of a journey and there is just no time. Life is a journey and as with most journeys it’s easy to get lost and never even know you are lost.”

Lamb found refuge with his wife Cheryl. Though her ability to help calm him through life’s storms was profoundly influential, she could not completely end his ability to create new tempests. It was another relationship that would help him find further peace discovering deeper significance through a kindred spirit with his youngest grandson. The combination of this bond and a newly found passion in endurance mountain bike racing ultimately lead him to an understanding of genuine love and to God’s greatest gift to all people: Jesus Christ.

“I was sitting on the saddle of a bike when I came face to face with myself, or at least the person I was forty years earlier. That one moment changed me forever, and for that I am forever thankful,” he writes.

Lamb is convinced there is no rest for a restless soul, but he’s become comfortable with that. He believes the restlessness exists because of a void in our lives, the absence of Christ. “I need to ride because it allows me to spend time alone away from the world with only the Lord to talk to and depend on, and that is good for my soul,” he writes. “The world fills our lives with so much excess weight that there is little room for Christ. For me, the longer I ride, the more I rid myself of that weight.”

Lamb completed the 3,000-mile mountain bike endurance race known as the Tour Divide at age 57 after taking up the sport four years earlier. Lamb is a professor in the Lifetime Fitness department at Baylor University. He and his wife have three sons and four grandchildren.

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From There to Here: Lessons from the Saddle
William R. Lamb
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6894-7 150 pages $13.95 US

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