Leroy and Yvette Mcclure Wage War Against Illiteracy with New Educational Model

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a book that proposes a service model to help educators teach reading to children with learning disabilities so they can make the most of their schooling.

Ovilla, TX, May 30, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Reading is a fundamental element of learning, but not everybody has that skill. Two authors with experience in education want to change that and have released a new book with Dog Ear Publishing to help make that happen. The book was inspired by personal experience.

A heartfelt letter kicks off “Why Sammy Still Can’t Read: A Service Delivery Model for Creating a Culture of Reading.” The letter is written by author Leroy McClure to his brother, Sam, who eventually discovered he had learning disabilities, and it serves as both an apology and a promise.

“Because I now know about different learning styles and learning disabilities, I promise I’ll help students like you receive the proper diagnosis early and create a successful academic intervention plan to help ensure that they’ll learn to read, write, compute math, and be better prepared to enter college or the workforce,” he writes.

McClure’s brother is far from alone in his struggles with reading and learning. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development estimates that learning disabilities affect 15 to 20 percent of people in the United States. Those who can’t read often face extreme challenges coping with the standardized testing in school and may struggle with graduating from high, college or succeeding at work.

This book by Leroy and Yvette McClure – who have decades of experience in education – aims to inform others about people who learn differently and provide a service delivery model for reading to help students succeed at all levels, especially those with learning disabilities. Administrators and teachers will find practical steps to help struggling students either at their school as a whole or in small groups, leading to a culture of reading. That culture can transform students.

The authors detail learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, which crosses all races and economic backgrounds; offers resources to service providers; aims to raise money to provide 1,000 teachers with specialized training to become certified academic language therapists or licensed dyslexic therapists or practitioners; and write a service delivery model action plan that includes a buy-in from teachers, administrators, parents and governing boards, and appropriate training for teachers and staff.

McClure urges sweeping changes in education from parents, educators and politicians, starting with the basic building block of reading. “We as American citizens must look a illiteracy as a crisis,” he writes. “This is about all children exercising their civil rights so that no child will be left behind.”

For additional information, please visit www.WhySammyStillCantRead.com.

Why Sammy Still Can’t Read: A Service Delivery Model for Creating a Culture of Reading
Leroy McClure and Yvette McClure
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6683-7 170 pages $11.50 US

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