Napkin Pirates Inc. Will Hold Charity Benefit for Local Pirate Resident

Napkin Pirates Inc. announced Friday March 28 that they will hold a benefit for a local resident on a soon to be announced date this summer.

Shawnee, KS, April 01, 2008 --( A charitable ball is tentatively planned for this summer, as stated by CMO Josh McCoy, of Napkin Pirates Inc. Local Resident of Olathe, Ks., Jay Barrett will have the fundraising benefit held in his name as deemed by the Napkin Pirates yesterday. Jay Barrett who is also a napkin pirate who suffers from a rare disease known as height piroplaxia. The disease forces his skeleton to only reach a height of 5'5. Chairmen of the Napkin Pirates board felt that Barrett's contributions to the pirate community as well as the severity of his disease provided a likely cause to form the charity ball. Funds raised at the black-tie pirate ball will go towards height piroplexia research. Napkin Pirates Marketing Director, Korie Gordon stated that Barrett is an assett to the Napkin Pirates organization as well as a reason to celebrate the accomplishments of those who fight adversity everyday and continue to make a difference. The location of the Pirates Charity Ball are not known as of this date. Gordon stated, "We are very enthusiastic about treating Jay Barrett to an honoring night. More than any other napkin pirate this year, Barrett deserves a night of recognition." Napkin Pirates Inc. would like to remind affiliates, partners, and friends that while they support and donate to height piroplexia research, attention is focused on many charitable cause locally and nationally. A Fall and Winter Pirate Charitable Ball are being currently planned and will be announced in June 2008.

Napkin Pirates Inc.
Rochelle Mcvasen