Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back by Jennifer Juan Hits Bestseller Status on Amazon Within First Week of Release

London, United Kingdom, June 06, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Writer and musician Jennifer Juan's latest book, Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back has hit bestseller status on Amazon, within the first week of release. Charting at at #89 on the Women's Poetry Bestseller chart, as well as #6 on the Hot New Releases chart for Women's Poetry, and #12 on the Hot New Releases chart for Love Poetry.

Discussing the recently released book, and it's rise to bestseller status, Juan said "I'm really thrilled by this. It means a lot for something I worked so hard on to be reaching people."

The success of Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back comes along with success in other areas, with her latest EP Subliminals gaining thousands of plays, across multiple platforms, less than a month after release and an upcoming performance at the inaugural Leamington Poetry Festival.

Ol' Brown Eyes Is Back is available now, in ebook and paperback format, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and other major retailers. For further information, and to discover more of Jennifer Juan's work, please visit her website, http://jenniferjuan.com.

About Jennifer Juan

Jennifer Juan is a cultural melting pot of an artist. She is a writer, a musician, a producer, a film maker and a podcast host, currently residing in the Kent countryside, but dreaming of the ocean. A tornado of darkness and delicacy, Juan creates engaging and powerful projects, using a variety of mediums and platforms, each dripping with her signature playful, yet powerful style of writing.

Beginning her journey as an artist as a teenager, Juan graduated from The University of Greenwich in 2013, and began sharing her work on her personal website, as well as through social media, posting written poetry and video projects.

In 2017, Juan began producing a weekly podcast, sharing her poetry, insights into her writing techniques, and released several printed volumes of poetry, including the critically acclaimed “Home Wrecker.” 2017 also saw Juan’s first venture into music, with her releasing her debut single “Past Preston,” a haunting instrumental track that was the first step to the cross media project, “Drowning In Us,” an evocative and atmospheric narration of star crossed lovers, told through poetry, short stories, film and music.

Amassing over 29,000 listeners on Spotify alone, in her first year as an independent recording artist, Juan continues her journey as an artist, with her latest release, Subliminals.

Juan has written and released several acclaimed poetry collections, including Home Wrecker and 27, With A White Lighter. Juan also hosts the podcast “Sincerely, Jennifer x,” an immersive look at her poetry, writing process, and her life so far that is available on all major podcast providers.
Sam Baron