Automatically Switch RD Activity or DCD Data Presence on Ports A or B with Model 7391 DB25 Switcher

The Model 7391 is DB25 2-Position Switch that can be switch data from Port A to Port B manually, remotely or automatically.

Cranston, RI, June 08, 2019 --( Electro Standards Laboratories, a global leader of advanced Device Networking Hardware, announces Model 7391 DB25 A/B Switch with Automatic Fallback and RS232 Remote Control.

Electro Standards has designed a solution to assist in eliminating network downtime with the Model 7391 DB25 AB Fallback Switch. When it’s mission critical to keep your data flowing, you have a secondary network or device to switch over to. When there is a problem with the primary network or device, if it involves plugging and unplugging cables to bring everything back online, this can be very time consuming and every second is critical when your network is down.

Restoring your network data pathway may also involve a location where the network/device is located, that is not always accessible such as during off-hours, inclement weather, etc. This is when the Model 7391 DB25 AB Fallback Switch comes in. The Model 7391 allows your DB25 Interface Devices or Networks to be connected on ports A and B, for easy switching to either port. The unit can be switched manually via front panel pushbutton or from a remote location using RS232 data ASCII commands. The Model 7391 can also be switched automatically.

When in Automatic Fallback Mode, the unit monitors either RD activity or DCD presence on ports A and B. If activity or presence is lost the unit switches to the other port. If there is no activity or presence on either port, the unit will maintain its connection to its present port and continue to monitor both ports. The user can override Automatic Fallback operation from the front panel or Remote port and force the unit to operate as an A/B switch (Manual Mode).

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