Passfeed Makes Gifting a No-Brainer

Passfeed expands its App to include gift cards at your favorite stores.

New York, NY, June 09, 2019 --( Looking to expand the boundaries of online shopping and money exchange, Passfeed has consistently sought to capitalize on consumer frustrations while shopping on conventional websites. The dream is simple: people should be able to shop, save and share deals without having to deal with credit cards or pay banking fees. Along with a robust shopping experience, Passfeed’s ever expanding offerings include virtual debit cards, gift certificates with merchants like Best Buy, Macy’s and Starbucks, ETF’s and even exclusive incentive cards.

Passfeed, “Your Social Shopping App,” has now entered the world of gift cards. Since its inception, Passfeed has sought to make its App a one-stop-shop for customers’ purchasing needs. Agreements were made with merchants like Best Buy, Macy’s and Starbucks to offer the purchase and exchange of gift cards through the Passfeed App to further ease the shopping experience.

With gift cards, which are prepaid and can be refilled, customers can add them to their digital wallets through the Passfeed App and then shop and save at their favorite stores. Now those in need of a good gift idea or those who wait until the last minute can rejoice in knowing that Passfeed can provide gift cards for all of their shopping needs.

Buy a gift card on the Passfeed App today.

About Passfeed

Passfeed was founded in 2018 by Richard Wang, a start-up entrepreneur with several well-timed exits. Influenced by the business models of, Amazon and Aliexpress this upstart start-up provides an exciting shopping experience uniquely paired with a robust digital wallet. Users are able to choose from over 1.5 million of the most trendy fashions, incredible household gifts and even electronics. Building on the social nature of online shopping, consumers can shop, save and earn Rewards and iPoints just sharing with friends and relatives - all within the user friendly App.

You can learn more about Passfeed by going on the website or downloading the App for free on your Android or iOS device.

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