Cutcaster Launches NASDAQ-Like Digital Photo and Stock Vector Marketplace (

New York, NY, April 01, 2008 --( Image and footage licensing is about to be turned on its head. Get ready for a new way to find, buy, sell and negotiate prices for digital images and stock videos online. Today, Cutcaster opens the “beta” doors to their community-based content marketplace after a year of testing and aggregating Royalty Free (RF) video and stock photos for sale and promotion. Their new media marketplace is a truly unique way to license and request premium digital video clips, still-images and motion graphic content.

“This isn’t just another static storefront where the agency or site sets the price,” explained Cutcaster founder John Griffin. “Cutcaster is dynamic and unique because it matches supply and demand by giving creators the option to set their own price for the cost of a royalty free license or choose Cutcaster’s patent-pending pricing algorithm to find the correct market price. On the other hand, the site lets buyers seamlessly submit bids/lower prices for content to a seller, which they can accept, decline or meet with a return offer back to that buyer.”

For the first time, buyers can bid on content and get the price they want to pay, which could be lower than other sites because they can negotiate pricing with the seller directly. Sellers still have the choice of where they want to price their hard work, but can use Cutcaster’s market education tools to adjust their pricing levels to capture more sales volume. This can lead to more dollars in creator’s wallets than higher pricing alone.

Cutcaster’s marketplace is the first platform like this in the image and video licensing business. It’s not micro-stock, mid-stock or Getty Images, but an exchange that combines all three based on quality, pricing and user experience. “I came from a stock trading background on Wall St. where electronic trading platforms seamlessly helped buyers and sellers find one another, negotiate on pricing and cut out the expensive and inefficient middleman. I should know because I was one of those middlemen,” Griffin said with a wink. “We applied what we learned and observed working in the stock market trading model and moved it into the outdated media licensing space to create Cutcaster.”

At Cutcaster, photographers, graphic designers and videographers have their own customizable studio pages to host hi-res images, promote their hi-res images and direct traffic back to their personal websites. They can also sign up to hear about freelance opportunities to convert Cutcaster users into their customers.

Advertisers, filmmakers, publishers and graphic designers are no longer just passive window-shoppers looking for the best content at the best price. Cutcaster now gives them a choice between downloading available content immediately to their desktop, submitting a bid for the content they want, or requesting custom work from the creative community. Cutcaster has a platform called ProjectRequest, which allows buyers to request pictures or footage from the entire Cutcaster community and then get the desired work delivered by their deadline. Come join the content revolution and visit

Cutcaster combines the best of consumer photo and clipart sharing sites with a secure content licensing marketplace to create a dynamic and distinctly different community based content marketplace to buy, sell or request quality and affordable royalty free images and stock vectors. To find out more please contact for more information.

John Griffin