AGENT511 Announces New Solution for Automated Text-to-911 Language Translation

TEXTBLUE Translator offers any connected PSAP translation capabilities.

Orlando, FL, June 17, 2019 --( At the NENA Conference & Expo, AGENT511 is pleased to announce the availability of TEXTBLUE Translator, an automated text messaging language translation solution for any PSAP connected to the Text Control Center. The platform allows call takers the ability to invoke an automated language translation assistant that provides translation for inbound and outbound text messages. All messages are delivered to the texter and call taker in both languages. The first language available in Spanish, soon followed by predominantly English character languages such as French, Polish, and German. Other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, and Russian are in development. The service is readily is provisioned on the TCC and available for a nominal cost without custom software. According to AGENT511 TEXTBLUE Product Manager, Karen Dmytriw, “The ability to offer 9-1-1 centers automated language translation without software and networking customization, offers an exciting opportunity to fill the gap in the market. This helps to improve urgent calls for assistance by nearly 20% of the US population who are native non-English.” This capability leverages the capability available in AGENT511 browser solution available since 2015. Several major agencies will soon be piloting the Translator platform.

The solution is deployed as a hosted, managed service and was designed for emergency class performance. For more information, visit

About AGENT511
AGENT511 develops and markets interactive, two-way location-aware mobile phone messaging software solutions for public safety, utilities, and enterprises. Its suite of products includes selfservice knowledgebase, broadcast notification, multimedia chat, and integrated messaging. Its customizable solutions are typically procured as a managed hosted service. AGENT511’s customers include major energy providers, public safety agencies, and financial services institutions.

Press contact: Carrie Tuck
Director of Business Development
Telephone: (312) 204-7207
Carrie Tuck
(312) 204-7207