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Dream Hustle Records Changing the Stigma of Record Labels

New Record Label Changing the industry

Phoenix, AZ, June 17, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Dream Hustle Records
It all started with a dream for local musician Tim Hardin. He would say a vision, to start his own record label and call it Dream Hustle Records. The mission of his label is to sign up and coming artists and help release their music while educating them on how to protect their intellectual property. And that is something most record labels do not practice. Tim who goes by the name SauceGawd says, “We not only help release our artist’s music, we also prepare them for success. We teach them about registering their copyrights, setting up publishing companies and building them a solid team that will help further their careers."

SauceGawd set a goal of signing 20 artists and releasing 20 EPs by the year 20/20. He started this project in December of 2018. Dream Hustle Records has released 2 projects already with Phoenix locals Baljit and King Kaylan. Both albums can be found on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and other major online retailers. Sauce admits it hasn’t been an easy process, however it has been a real learning experience. While he focuses on his mission, SauceGawd is documenting his vision by filming a YouTube Docu-Series entitled “Making The Label.” The series shows the real struggles of starting a label and motivating artists. We are opening up the curtains and showing you the real behind-the-scenes moments of anger, frustration, happiness, excitement and enlightenment.

As of now, Dream Hustle Records has been building momentum. The label already signed 13 artists including Phoenix, Arizona’s own NDGO Sista and 2 international artists from Nigeria, Africa, D_WaveBoy and HRF_DonllyG. SauceGod announced, “We are preparing a Dream Hustle Compilation as well as releasing 2 EPs a month.” SauceGawd welcomes artists to log onto www.dreamhustlerecords.com and follow Dream Hustle Records on Instagram @DreamHustle.Records. He encourages artists to submit their music and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

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