Pinogy Partners with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies to Introduce Auto E-Invoicing for Retailers

Pinogy partners with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies to introduce an automated intergation with E-invoicing for retailers nationwide.

Sterling, VA, June 18, 2019 --( “Pinogy Point of Sale’s new e-invoice application saves stores time,” as described by Robert Cook, CEO of Pinogy. “It’s simply amazing, it automatically takes your order from Phillips, imports it into your system, updates your cost, adjusts the retail units,and fully automates the receiving process.” This exciting enhancement is 100% accurate every time and eliminates the need of having to upload an e-invoice manually.

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is a premier pet food and pet supply distributor, servicing pet speciality markets nationwide. The partnership with Phillips and Pinogy works to help retailers maintain their full profit margin by never missing a cost increase again. Their system allows retailers to benefit from the labor savings and accurate e-invoices in the POS (Point of Sale)software. Retailers place their order with Phillips and an electronic invoice is sent automatically to Pinogy. Pinogy’s Point of Sale will convert all case products into individual retail units which saves stores the time of having to do this step manually. The e-invoice will load into the store’s POS system automatically so it's ready to go once the order is delivered.

"Phillips Pet Food & Supply provides product catalogs and purchase order acknowledgements (e-invoices) automatically for Pinogy customers. Phillips sends Pinogy monthly updates on products they carry along with the store’s individual cost. Pinogy then updates your actual costs all without any user intervention," said Rich Kalsky, Director of Operations. "For e-invoices, we receive the Phillips shipment acknowledgement directly from Phillips. Everything is then done automatically, reducing the manpower and time it takes to receive a purchase order all while improving accuracy."

Pinogy is confident that their retailers will enjoy this time-saving enhancement all at no additional cost. This unique feature gives merchants additional free time to focus on sales and new opportunities to grow their business.

To learn more about e-invoicing or if you are a supplier interested in participating in our integration programs, contact Pinogy at 877-360-7381 or

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