Greenshine New Energy Lights the Path to a New Resort Opening

The Hyatt Miraval Resort Overcame Difficult Challenges with a Unique Solution from Greenshine

Lake Forest, CA, June 23, 2019 --( People in search of a luxurious resort have another destination available in Austin, Texas after the Hyatt Miraval Resort opened its doors with the help of Greenshine New Energy. A distant entry path and rocky, uneven soil were problems for the hired engineering team to place new light poles and trench for any electrical source. Thankfully, there were wooden poles from a previous project lining the entryway, and the best option was to retro-fit these older, sturdy wooden poles with lights. However, there was still the problem of drawing electricity, which was far away from a source and costly to connect.

Out of options, the engineering team heard of Greenshine through the grapevine and learned of a viable lighting option; solar LED lights could be retrofitted to each of the wooden poles without drawing power from underground! This project had a much more attractive price (and was more practical anyhow) than trenching and connecting to nearby power.

The resort, now open to tourists, vacationers, and travelers looking to get away from everyday life, is another example of how Greenshine New Energy saves companies money and reduces carbon footprints for a strong environmental impact.

Greenshine, a company founded in 2007, has saved companies several thousands of dollars with their high-tech solar lighting systems. Now they’re known in the hotel and resort industry for being bill reducers because of the sophisticated technology of solar panels paired with hi-tech LED light fixtures.

About Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy is a leader in solar lighting technology that specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. Our solar LED light systems are installed in over 5000 locations around the world and we provide solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.
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Linda Lee