How Ident-a-Kid Makes Sure Your Child Doesn’t Get Left on the Bus

New I-Transport Transportation Manager Tracks All Kids That Are On and Off the Bus

St. Petersburg, FL, July 03, 2019 --( Ident-A-Kid, a company that specializes in safety products and services to parents and K12 schools, announces the release of their new I-Transport Transportation Manager. The transportation manager includes a wireless bar code scanner for drivers and IDs for all students. Drivers scan each child’s ID as they board the vehicle, creating a database of the total count for all children. As children leave, the driver scans the ID again to remove them from the database. Drivers are able to then see if there are any remaining children who have not been removed and inspect the vehicle.

“During our research, we found that, unfortunately, children being forgotten on their bus or transportation vehicle is more common than most people would probably think. Within the past two months there have been numerous cases where children were still on the bus after all others had left due to distractions,” says Mary Cramer, the Ident-A-Kid representative for I-Transport.

Trinity Preschool has tested the I-Transport system and has the following to say, “The safety of our children is of utmost importance to us. Although we have systems in place to account for our children being transported by bus, we are pleased for the opportunity to provide an extra layer of security,” says Jaime Kotter, Preschool Director for Trinity Preschool.

About Ident-A-Kid: Ident-A-Kid Services of America is a national company, founded in 1986, and based in St. Petersburg, FL. They specialize in child safety and provide our products and services, including child IDs and visitor management software, to over 20,000 schools/locations annually.
Mary Cramer