CognitiveClouds Named Top App Development Firm by Clutch

San Francisco, CA, July 22, 2019 --( CognitiveClouds, a leading company in various fields of app development, has been awarded ranking among the top Google Android certified developers and Ruby on Rails developers for 2019 by Clutch.

As the field of app and mobile app development gets more and more competitive, the importance of high-end services becomes more prevalent than ever before. The customer’s demand for high-quality services is increasing as quickly as the industry itself begins to evolve.

With the constantly growing usage of mobile smart devices, the need for mobile apps becomes paramount. People are now more than ever used to relying on their smartphones to carry out various mundane tasks spanning from online shopping to handling their finance. And that’s a trend which is set to become a lot more dominating. In 2022, consumers are expected to download a whopping 258.2 billion mobile apps, according to Statista. Yet, Android app statistics also show that Google Play saw a decrease upwards of 28% back in 2018 because of Google’s efforts to remove low-quality applications. This highlights the need for professional and experienced mobile app development companies.

Mediocre work is no longer accepted nor will it be tolerated going forward. The development of a mobile app is a complex and compound process which requires precisions, as well as swift execution. As the competition grows, the market won’t stand low-quality products just because there will always be a better alternative.

CognitiveClouds aspires to be a high-end mobile app development company with experienced professionals and exceptional working standards.

About CognitiveClouds: CognitiveClouds is a company which helps startups and companies build exceptional web, mobile, and tablet products. The products they provide help early-stage startups raise the necessary funding while also helping companies scale their business and become more efficient. It has offices in the United States, Singapore, and India.

About Clutch: Clutch is unique ratings and reviews startup which is located in the heart of Washington DC. It has a unique methodology which allows it to rank companies by analyzing the industry data and to conduct in-depth and objective client reviews.
Danny Wei