Dream Drive Brings Van Life to Japan with Rentable Custom Hotel Rooms on Wheels

Tokyo, Japan, July 20, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Dream Drive, a custom van workshop and rental company in Japan, is officially launching their depot and 4 vans in August 2019.

Japan is in the midst of a tourism boom seeing record numbers of inbound tourists so far for 2019. (japantoday.com/category/national/japan-sees-record-number-of-foreign-visitors-in-1st-half-of-2019) This is having a toll on the already congested public transport, so this business is launching at the perfect time.

“We built Dream Drive for the experienced traveller who is sick of lugging suitcases around, being shoehorned into oversaturated tourist enclosures and for the traveller who wants to pave their own way. Japan has so much to offer,” said Andy Cline, head of product and cofounder at Dream Drive.

The team builds the vans at their depot in Komae, Tokyo. The vans are inspired by the "van life" movement and have been designed to feel like you aren’t sleeping in a car, rather a cozy hotel room. On wheels.

Dream Drive has four different types of vans suited for solo travellers or couples or families. The vans include unlimited mileage, GPS, memory foam mattresses with hotel quality white sheets (ample thread count), towels, charging ports, cooking facilities, and the list goes on. Along with their physical products, the company can also assist with roadside assistance offering their own bilingual support, as well as different guides to help clients create their one-of-a-kind adventure.

With so much to see and experience, Dream Drive aims to provide tourists with both a comfortable and convenient way to travel around Japan. Built like a tiny home on wheels, travellers can venture off into different parts of Japan without worrying about irregular hotel check-in times, or matching schedules with public transportation, which becomes quite inconvenient away from the big cities.

Customers pick up the van from the depot which is located 30 minutes from Shinjuku station (including the walk from the station.) the vans are also built on the same site so people interested in the craftsmanship can see the newest vans to enter the fleet. The team building the vans is comprised of mainly expats builders.

In the future, Dream Drive aims to be carbon-negative by running mostly electric vans and by offsetting the waste created by customers in partnership with offset earth out of England.

Dream Drive is open for bookings now.

For more information, please contact:

Jared Campion, Managing Director/Co-Founder of Dream Drive
+(81) 080 3013 7353
Dream Drive K.K.
Jared Campion