ExcelRT Builder 2.0 Allows Spreadsheet Author to Become App Developer

ExcelRT 2.0 adds ExcelRT Builder for developers. Use ExcelRT Builder to polish a converted Excel workbook or author a new workbook-based solution that can be delivered as a standalone App on macOS, Windows or Linux.

Henderson, NV, July 21, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software announced that ExcelRT 2.0 is available now with the new ExcelRT Builder for developers. ExcelRT is a cross-platform, spreadsheet-based application engine. Spreadsheet authors can now create standalone, professional applications for Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

A Microsoft Excel workbook can be converted to ExcelRT format using a free conversion tool. Using ExcelRT Builder, the workbook can be refined into a finished application. New applications can also be authored directly in ExcelRT Builder on either Mac or Windows without using Microsoft Excel.

ExcelRT Builder supports multiple sheet workbooks, cell data and style formats, entry validation rules, cell borders, background color, pattern and icons, conditional formatting, tables, sheet filters, images, hyperlinks and a large library of formula functions.

ExcelRT Builder provides both MS Excel style form controls and in-cell controls for button, checkbox, radio, drop-down, listbox and other control types.

ExcelRT supports a comprehensive scripting language to generate reports, present custom dialogs, manipulate variables, strings and cell data, add conditional logic, math and subroutines, share data through CSV files, read and write Internet data or manipulate images. Scripts can be driven by user interaction with form or in-cell controls or other events.

ExcelRT files and scripting commands are platform neutral across desktop and mobile devices and operating systems. The runtime engine for ExcelRT is free to use by all developers and users on any platform. Developers can embedded and distribute the runtime engine within their standalone application to provide complete control and branding of the user experience.

An ExcelRT file can be distributed as an unprotected file or protected, licensed and wrapped into a standalone application using the QuickLicense tool. A variety of protection, productization, distribution and licensing models are supported. Licensing options include Trial, Product and Subscription licenses, manual activation, online Serial Number activation, USB dongle activation or floating licenses.

QuickLicense productization features for an ExcelRT file include a custom desktop icon, splash screen on launch or license agreement presented to the user before computer unique activation. The configurable Open Data File interface window allows the user to create, manage and organize many instances of the ExcelRT workbook file for different clients or projects. The end user can sort files by name or creation date, organize files into folders or import and export files to other licensed users.

ExcelRT includes a User Guide with tutorials and dozens of demonstration videos that cover all aspects of ExcelRT Builder, application protection, productization, licensing, deployment plus automated order processing and delivery. ExcelRT, QuickLicense and related tools provide a spreadsheet author with a complete solution for turning their spreadsheet-based product concept into a professional, sellable product or subscription.

An annual developer subscription for ExcelRT is $295. The subscription includes ExcelRT Builder and royalty-free distribution rights of generated applications across all platforms. QuickLicense is a one-time purchase starting at $595.

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