New Book by Elizabeth J. Winters Waite Continues Her Search for Joy

Elizabeth J. Winters Waite continues detailing the complexities of her life in the latest book in her memoir series. Dog Ear Publishing has released her newest book.

Cincinnati, OH, August 22, 2019 --( Readers know they’re in for a no-holds barred memoir when the author posts a list of guys she’s dated and on what pages that story can be found right in the front of the book. Elizabeth J. Winters Waite shares details of her life as a single mother in her sexual prime in her new memoir, released by Dog Ear Publishing.

In “Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex Goddess Vol. 2: Half Hearted Hopeful,” Waite has turned 50 and is still figuring out who she wants to be as well as who she wants to be with. And it’s not just her romantic life that gets put under a spotlight. Readers will marvel at stories about raising her three sons, what it takes to run a successful all-female accounting firm, and what hobbies nourish the author’s spirit.

Searching for love is never an easy task, no matter what someone’s age may be, but with age comes wisdom. Settling isn’t an option, and sometimes even a confident woman must push beyond her comfort zone. Juggling a busy life while trying to forge connections is made harder when dream dates turn into nightmares and a wish bone rests in the spot where a backbone should be.

The quest for love can seem never-ending. Taking a chance and adding romance to a friendship can be risky but can also be rewarding in many ways. Will the big gamble pay off or will it lead to one more broken relationship? Waite’s unabashed honest accounting of putting her heart on the line time after time inspires hope for passion even as readers keep one eye firmly on the door just in case.

Waite had her own accounting firm of single moms for 20 years but sold it in 2011, taking two years off to write before becoming the chief financial officer of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. In 2018, the foundation was named Community Development Corporation of the Year for Ohio. The mother of three, who was raised in rural Indiana, has three sons. She is working on her next memoir.

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Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex Goddess Vol. 2: Half Hearted Hopefull
Elizabeth J. Winters Waite
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-6938-8 278 pages $17.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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