Clay Scott, Associate Director of Lead Generation at AstraZeneca to Present at GTCbio’s 3rd Assay Development & Screening Technologies Conference, June 5-6

Monrovia, CA, April 03, 2008 --( Dr. Clay Scott, Associate Director of the Lead Generation Department at AstraZeneca will present at GTCbio’s 3rd Assay Development & Screening Technologies Conference on June 5-6, 2008 in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Clay will speak on experiences in lead generation focusing on cellular dielectric spectroscopy as a platform technology for GPCR screening.

Cellular dielectric spectroscopy (CDS) is a relatively new technology for detecting whole-cell responses in a label-free manner. It is particularly sensitive to GPCR activation and can both distinguish and quantify Gs, Gi/o and Gq signal transduction events. Since GPCRs are capable of activating multiple signaling pathways depending on the context of the cellular environment (i.e. the signaling proteins that are accessible) and the conformation stabilized by the activating ligand (a concept termed ligand-induced differential signaling), CDS has the potential to dissect several aspects of GPCR pharmacology. Dr. Clay and his group have used CDS to support their portfolio of GPCR projects, most notably within the lead generation phase: their experiences and learning points from the past 2 years will be shared.

Discussions will include the principles of CDS as a label-free detection method for cellular targets.
• How this technology compares to existing methods to quantify GPCR activity, how CDS was used to support LG projects that pursued different pharmacological profiles including agonists, antagonists, inverse agonists and allosteric modulators, and ligand-induced differential signaling and how CDS can be used to study this emerging pharmacological concept.

GTCbio's 3rd Assay Development and Screening Technologies conference will provide attendees with critical information to utilize in the discovery and development of assays, while keeping them informed about the latest screening technologies for both high-throughput screening and high-content screening. Topics being covered include cell based assays, high throughput screening, high content screening, in vitro assays and screening, novel assay and screening technologies, and target validation. For more information visit

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