AGMA Organizes Westwood Presbyterian Church Music Group in Los Angeles

Professional artists performing at Music of Westwood concert events at Westwood Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles have chosen AGMA as their exclusive bargaining representative.

Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2019 --( The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) is proud to announce today that it will now represent the principal singers of Music at Westwood, of the Westwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Based on the unanimous vote of support of its singers, Music at Westwood, the musical non-profit choral concert group at Westwood Presbyterian Church, has voluntarily recognized AGMA as the exclusive bargaining representative of the artists for concert performances. We applaud this decision by the organization, and acknowledge this as a clear demonstration of their commitment to the welfare of their singers.

“I am so pleased to welcome the accomplished soloists who are featured at Music at Westwood’s multiple concerts throughout the year,” said AGMA’s President, Raymond Menard. “This is an exciting expansion of AGMA representation to new and fast-growing categories of musical performers.”

Leonard Egert, AGMA’s National Executive Director, also welcomed the new group: “I am excited that the singers of Westwood will soon be joining the AGMA family. This is an innovative area for AGMA, and I look forward to working with our new members this summer as we negotiate a first contract.”

Any time that AGMA, or any union, organizes a new group is a cause for celebration, but this is particularly noteworthy. While AGMA represents singers, dancers and production staff in most major opera and dance companies throughout the United States, singing for churches and synagogues is a significant source of employment for many of our members and until now, has been largely unrepresented. AGMA adding church concert groups to its official roster of signatory companies is therefore of considerable importance to our members and is the first step of many, to expand their protection under AGMA.

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Donald P. Cavanaugh