New Children's Book Helps with Identifying the Importance of Using Their Words Instead of Having Tantrums When Wanting Something

New Children's Book titled, "Use Your Words" has visuals to go along with reading to help children to understand the concept of using their words, even when they are having hard time with a task or desiring something of interest. This read is great to reinforce within the home, school, and community settings.

Atlanta, GA, July 30, 2019 --( The developmental stages of children are vital to how the grasp concepts to learn from errors and trying again to master the same thing. This ultimately leads towards independence. Reading is fundamental and the hallmark for learning. There is a rising children's author that is beaming her light in bringing a fresh outlook in capturing the attention of our children through her visual depictions and words especially in her newly release book titled, "Use Your Words." The author is Ashley Martin based in Atlanta, Georgia. Ashley has a background working with children, adults, and families with currently having experience in applied behavior analysis, mental health, and substance abuse. She services these populations as a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and Certified Anger Management Specialist-II.

Ashley is currently accepting interviews to talk shows, radio, print, televised broadcasting, and book signing events. "Use Your Words" is currently being sold on various online platforms, such as, Amazon.
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Ashley Martin