IndeeLift HFLs Master Difficult Patient Lifting for EMS Teams

IndeeLift will demonstrate its professional line of patient lifting devices Aug. 7-10 at Fire-Rescue International 2019 in Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA, August 01, 2019 --( IndeeLift, an award-winning fall recovery assistance equipment company, will showcase its professional line of Human Floor Lifting products Aug. 7-10 at Fire-Rescue International 2019 in Atlanta. Show attendees will see how IndeeLift's industrial-grade HFLs make patient lifting and transport easier on the backs of EMS workers at booth 1009.

"Fire and emergency services leadership need tools that help their department's efficiency," said Christine Torres, a spokeswoman for IndeeLift. "Our HFLs provide a cost benefit in improving safety of EMS teams and fall assistance call times. IndeeLift is proud to serve the emergency response industry."

Back care is crucial for emergency response professionals. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, back injuries account for more than 20% of workplace injuries in the United States and are a growing problem in EMS and firefighting.

IndeeLift's HFL-500-E and 550-E, known as the "People Picker Uppers," have mechanical technology and a quality steel structure. Made to do the heavy lifting, the HFL-550-E is able to raise patients as heavy as 550 pounds. It helps provide a smooth lift for patient comfort and aids responding professionals without adding to injury risk.

Compact enough to stow on any fire apparatus or ambulance, the HFL-550-E allows physically challenged personnel to recover a patient from the floor and transport them to a safe place. Maneuver through tight spaces, hallways, and around corners. With the added benefit of detachable stair transport tracks, HFLs by IndeeLift bridge the gap from the ground to the gurney.

About IndeeLift
IndeeLift’s Human Floor Lifts (HFLs) are designed and built in the USA for three user communities: Home and Business, Professional Healthcare, and Emergency Medical Services. These patented products safely and easily lift a fallen person from the floor without injury to the fallen, or those who assist them. For more information, visit or call 844-700-5438.
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