EarthHero Joins "Plastic Free July" Movement, Making Plastic-Free Living Easy with Their Eco-Friendly Platform

EarthHero, a proud B Corp and eco-friendly e-commerce platform, makes sustainable living accessible and attainable during Plastic Free July campaign through education & access to eco- friendly goods.

Boulder, CO, August 05, 2019 --( The global plastic problem has become a mounting crisis, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastics entering our oceans and waterways each week – where they will stay, unable to break down for anywhere from 50 to 600+ years.

When they do breakdown, it’s often into smaller "microplastics" which can be ingested by fish and wildlife, infiltrating the food chain of our ecosystems. Because of this cycle, studies show the average person acquires thousands of pieces of microplastics inside of their bodies each year. From the planet, to the people on it, plastic pollution needs to be taken head on. But how? Enter Plastic Free July, a global initiative to address the global plastic epidemic through shifting consumer habits.

Environmentalist Dr. Andrea Neal, who was the Principal Investigator for Project Kaisei studying the impact of marine debris including plastics and has her Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Lipid Biochemistry, explains that, “With the rate of population growth, our ability to support everyone with the resources available is diminishing quickly. It is going to take a global effort to try and change the current path that this planet is on.”

Leading the way towards towards plastic-free lifestyle solutions, EarthHero makes it easy for consumers to shop sustainably with their assortment of over 3,000 curated eco- friendly products. And the EarthHero community, among others, are asking for this new found accessibility to sustainable solutions. According to Euromonitor Global Consumer Trends for 2019, this new wave of “conscious consumers are influential, and the trend will spread to others.” In fact, 69% of consumers agreed that companies should be required to produce eco-friendly packaging and 8 of 10 consumers are actively trying to reduce their plastic waste. And the results are tangible. 90% of the people who participated in Plastic Free July in 2018 made permanent changes once the month was over, with even more participating this year. By actively reducing our collective single- use plastic use and by being more conscious consumers, we create a more sustainable economy for generations to come.

About EarthHero
EarthHero was created to make sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it. Their online marketplace champions brands that create positive impact through their products, making it easy for consumers to support meaningful efforts with every purchase. Every product and brand on EarthHero have been carefully vetted through their 5-step Methodology, ensuring it meets strict sustainability standards.

EarthHero features easy-to-understand sustainability logos on every brand and product to tell the customer exactly what makes an item sustainable, so they can shop with the values that are meaningful to them. They pair this with a comprehensive blog that educates the consumer on how, and why, to live a more earth-conscious lifestyle – and how to use innovative products from EarthHero’s100+ brands to do this.

“We are committed to make sustainable living easy and fun. We believe that your choices make changes, and helping our consumers make earth-friendly choicesis at the heart of our mission,” explains Founder & CEO Ryan Lewis. AlthoughEarthHero was only launched in Fall of 2017, Founder Lewis and the 8-person EarthHero team have seen rapid growth and continue to expand their network of change-making "Earth heroes."

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