Northern VA Pet Sitting Service Lists Best Indoor Activities for Dogs

Fairfax, VA, August 03, 2019 --( Paw Pals, a Northern Virginia pet sitting service, recently released a blog that lists the best indoor activities for dogs. These activities can help your dog get exercise and intellectual stimulation without needing to go outside.

Hot summer days can make it difficult to exercise, particularly for pets with plenty of fur. While fresh air is generally a good idea, taking your dog out to play on incredibly warm days can cause heat stroke, dehydration, and other health concerns. It's still important to help your pet get some exercise each day, however. Games and other activities help your pet burn off excess energy, stimulate their minds to ward off boredom, and keep them healthy. Instead of going out, consider some of these indoor activities for your pet to keep them both healthy and entertained.

Dogs may enjoy the intellectual and physical challenge of a small obstacle course. Set up objects for your dog to walk through, around, over, and under, and lead them around the course with a treat. You can also try to teach your dog new tricks, like jumping or rolling over, to work on their obedience skills. Depending on the size of your dog and your home, it might be possible to play fetch with a soft toy. A quick game of tug of war may also be an option. Many dogs enjoy playing hide and seek, either with you as the hidden surprise or some treats scattered around the house. These activities can help your dog maintain their routine without putting them at risk for dehydration and other heat related concerns.

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