Maryland Fill Dirt Contractor Answers What is Screened Fill Dirt

Annandale, VA, August 03, 2019 --( A Maryland fill dirt contractor at Dirt Connections recently released a blog answering the question "What is screened fill dirt?" While unscreened fill dirt is useful in some instances, screened fill dirt may be preferred in many others.

Fill dirt is often used to fill in holes, grade land, and create new embankments or other levels. It contains no organic matter, including sticks and animal matter, meaning that the dirt will settle less after it is compacted. Unscreened fill dirt often contains large particles that make it difficult to move the soil and work with it. While these rocks may not matter when it comes to filling a pool that will later be covered in grass or other plants, unscreened fill dirt can make more delicate projects, such as precisely grading a slope or filling in an area that will become a foundation, more difficult than necessary.

Screened fill dirt, however, has been sifted through mesh sieves to remove particles larger than a particular size, usually three-quarters of an inch. This extra processing makes screened fill dirt more expensive. However, it has significant benefits. Screened fill dirt is better suited to projects that require precision and speed. The dirt can be moved quickly, with no extra time needed to remove particularly large rocks that may be hazardous. You can also calculate the exact amount of dirt needed more easily and compact it more to create a stronger foundation. Some types of screened fill dirt are also checked for chemicals and other contaminants, making it safer for the environment.

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