New Exhibition Apparatus at Artplex Gallery

New Exhibition at Artplex Gallery focuses on the advents of technology through fine art.

Los Angeles, CA, August 07, 2019 --( Current exhibition Apparatus focuses on ambitious artists that immortalize and redefine mechanical and technological advancement in their work. Through both traditional and groundbreaking media, this exhibition converses with the mechanics of industry and technology. Artists are also scientists and inventors; tinkerers that appreciate rust and circuit boards. Such innovation catalyzes a creative approach with new materials, rusting machines, and digital realities.

Chris Wood uses a range of high and low-tech optical materials to harness patterns of light that suggest ephemeral glimpses of moments in the natural world. The artist often uses a material called dichroic (meaning “two color”) glass, which was developed by NASA in the 1950s.

Agnieszka Pilat's work pays tribute to industry while confronting humanity’s fear approaching automation. Pilat arranges her machines in a formal composition, creating aristocratic portraits of the past.

Jay Jones' current “Beams” series was inspired by the cranes that assemble the next iteration of an urban evolution, with a (not-so-subtle) nod to the 1932 iconic photograph, “Men Atop a Skyscraper."

David Jang is known for his imaginative kinetic installations, which employ hacked consumer electronics, subverted household appliances, and the castaway materials of society.

Alea Pinar Du Pre builds on the synthetic intensity of digital art and her figurative style depicts a familiar but warped reality. Pinar Du Pre's original mixed media artworks portray human figures in a graphic pop-realist style.

Apparatus is on view during regular gallery hours.
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