Geeks-In-Route Gives School Kids Free New Laptops

Geeks-In-Route is developing a program that rewards kids for striving for excellence. The program is designed to motivate kids to do better, and work harder in school. In return, they have a chance to win a new laptop computer.

Land O Lakes, FL, April 04, 2008 --( After being invited to participate in The Great American Teach In by a friend of his, who is a teacher at Brandon High School in Brandon Florida in 2007, meeting some of the students, and hearing the struggles that these kids face, Austin Whitten, the President and CEO of Geeks-In-Route knew that he could somehow help. He immediately started putting together a plan of action. He contacted Ms. Page, his friend, and the teacher that had invited him to participate in the event, and started picking her brain about how he could help.

Ms. Page is an ESE Teacher, and teaches kids with various learning challenges. She advised him that her biggest challenge was keeping the kids motivated to participate in class. When Mr. Whitten heard this, he knew what he had to do. He immediately went out and purchased five new laptops, and put the wheels in motion.

Mr. Whitten advised Ms. Page that he had purchased the laptops, and commissioned her to come up with a contest, and the criteria that she thought would be most appropriate to get the desired results from the students.

After conferring with her teaching partners, and coming up with a strict set of rules and criteria to win the laptops, they announced the contest to the children. After the announcement, an amazing transformation took place right before their eyes. Kids that were habitually late or absent, started arriving to their classes on time, with their class folders complete and in order. Kids that never as much as cracked a book, were now making up all of the assignments they had missed since the beginning of the year. Kids who typically had behavior problems were being polite and respectful. Most important of all, kids who regularly had F's & D's were starting to see their grades rising to C's, B's, and even A's.

On December 17, 2007, the school administration held a small event, in which Mr. Whitten and his wife Mandy, who is the co-founder of Geeks-In-Route, awarded the laptops to the students. These kids had really worked hard to win these laptops, and had beat out nearly 150 other students, and they were so excited, they could hardly contain themselves. Mr. & Mrs. Whitten were so touched by the kids reactions, that they knew this couldn't be the last time, and decided to make this a regular event.

Since then they have been organizing, and contacting previous corporate clients, and raising money to buy more laptops. Eventually, they would like to see this program spread across the nation, and are actively seeking supporters to help them accomplish this goal. If you or the company that you work for would like to assist them, please feel free to contact them directly at 866-661-GEEK ext 701 or visit, and use the contact us form.

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