Welcome to Sunset & SCA: Don Lichterman Reveals New Brand Identity After $90,000 Sale of Old Logo

Updating the Sunset brand is another leap for the company’s voyage to grow further into the Entertainment & Media Industry.

Cherry Hill, NJ, August 08, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Welcome to Sunset & SCA: Don Lichterman reveals new brand identity after the $90,000 sale of his original logo design.

Updating the Sunset brand is another leap for the company’s voyage to grow further into the Entertainment & Media Industry.

New branding has already been executed and displayed on all content, all packaging, in advertising, everywhere online and on new and remodeled websites beginning May 2019.

Sunset Records & Sunset Recordings have always been on a single name basis with its owner, artists, followers, clientele, strategic partners and fans long before the introduction of the iconic label. Customers and partners around the world innately and warmly refer to the brand as “Sunset.”

Don Lichterman also nailed down one of the all-time top sales of a logo design with the price tag of his old logo tagged at $90,000.

Because of that sale, and as one of many steps to grow into being one of the leading Independent Entertainment Companies in the world, Don Lichterman unveiled its new branding on its’ new product and everywhere online along with being placed in all new advertisements.”

The change officially took place in May 2019. The sale of the logo design was also executed in May 2019.

According to Sunset’s and SCA’s CEO and the Sunset U.S.A. President Don Lichterman, “The new branding conveys the company’s focus on creating a legacy much like Geffen did when he had his own label.” He goes onto say, “I have also envisioned a logo much like the old sphere that Geffen had when I was at MCA. Regardless, the obvious fire in this regard had been lit when we sold the old design,” says Lichterman.

The old Sunset logo was sold for an unprecedented $90,000.

Beginning May this year, the new branding started to appear on all packaging for product in stores today, as well as the company’s advertising, website and social media outlets. Moving forward, the new “Sunset” logo and brand is also featured on all manufactured product and marketing tools in the U.S. and, internationally. The Company tested a few variations of the new logo expansively and in real time, eventually determining to use final Vector styled design that is currently being displayed everywhere that relates to Sunset.

“Our new branding is one of the main facets of the overall growth at SCA and at Sunset to which we embarked on now rather than in the future and most of all, this influx of money that came out of nowhere basically, takes care of 1/3’rd of the Business Plan that I made up this year,” says Don Lichterman. “And therefore, the company can continue to work debt free and without the need of a financial partner for the time being.” Lichterman continues to say that, “That sale and this rebranding happening today helps me modernize the Sunset experience for our artists, clientele, strategic partners and all account holders. While at the same time, I want to continue to embrace our incredible heritage, history over the last 9 years and most of all, I will keep our brand to be important forever.”

Lichterman also says that, “By simplifying, transforming and streamlining the Sunset name while making the SCA acronym the focal point is what I have wanted to do and it is what I was planning to do in due time, I am just glad I was able to get that done this year. We are now making sure to promote the iconic and accessible name Sunset and the SCA acronym to make sure that eventually they will be household terms to everyone around the world.”

Part of that rebranding was a change in the URL for corporate site.

To read the full story, go to the Don Lichterman blog or any of the websites at SCA and at Sunset.

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