SCA Launches Radio Hosting Company That Allows You to Create and Start Your Online Radio Station with Ease

This week, the Radio Host Co., which allows its clientele to "easily" create and manage their own online radio stations, has launched its services to the global marketplace. - April 21, 2020

There Are Never Any Studio Versions of Any Material Ever Aired at Live Jam 107

Live Jam 107 is the world's first and only "all live" radio station format where every song played, every live concert aired, every show and broadcast done is live and are only of live versions. - October 30, 2019

SCA Shuts Down the Sunset Book Publishing Co., Redistributes Its Books Through Lulu Press

The Sunset Corporation of America (SCA) shut down its Sunset Book Publishing Company imprint last month. - October 08, 2019

"State of Art" by Mister Sir at Sunset Hits Stores on September 10th

Don Lichterman announces street date for the Mister Sir single. - August 13, 2019

Welcome to Sunset & SCA: Don Lichterman Reveals New Brand Identity After $90,000 Sale of Old Logo

Updating the Sunset brand is another leap for the company’s voyage to grow further into the Entertainment & Media Industry. - August 08, 2019

Don Lichterman Announces the Release of “Ranger Road” in Support of Disabled Veterans of the U.S. Army

Don Lichterman Announces the Release of “Ranger Road” in Support of Disabled Veterans of the U.S. Army: A compilation album featuring prestigious names, and dedicated to the disabled veterans of the U.S Army. - February 14, 2019

Original Black Pantah, Project Reggaeologist via Sunset Recordings

Original Black Pantah, Dancehall, Reggae & Roots Legend. - May 10, 2018

God, Lust, Sin: a Compilation, a Collection, a Playlist, an Anthology, a Mixtape, an Album?

Fresh off the release of his second Studio Album and a successful tour, Mista Latex relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and is set to release a collaborative effort with 15 songs. - November 29, 2017

"Mercy to be Officially Released on August 2nd

The Full Length Album with a bonus Track "Mercy" to be officially released on August 2nd with Sunset Recordings. - July 10, 2016

Don Lichterman to Release a Full Length CD with All Proceeds Going to the ALDF (Animal League Defense Fund)

Don Lichterman to Release a full length CD entitled Songs for Freedom with All Proceeds Going to the ALDF (Animal League Defense Fund) though his SSM (Sunset Special Markets) record label and his nonprofit organization, SAN (Sustainable Action Network) on June 7th. - June 08, 2016

Mister Sir Releases the Powerful "Sleep" Album

“I’m walking down the street, singing like there‘s nobody here” is the inaugural line from "Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)," the first single from Mister Sir’s debut release, Sleep (Sunset Recordings). - March 31, 2016

Sunset Announces Launch of Electronic Music Label, Rewired Records

Sunset is pleased to announce the launch of its electronic and DJ music label, Rewired Records. - May 26, 2015

Sustain:Green Joins the Sustainable Action Network (Sunset's Non Profit Organization) to Fight Global Climate Change

An environmentally responsible credit card provides an immediate opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and fight global climate change. - May 01, 2015

Dreamdoktor to Release Its Avante-Garde Sounds with Sunset Jazz

There’s some serious method to the madness of this new record from Dreamdoktor, now being released with the Sunset Jazz record label. The prolific electronic artist has spent years constructing musical compositions, which evokes a soothing and ambient sound that is very much avante-garde... - March 01, 2015

DJ Zevzek is Set to Release the "Dis Duzzit" CD

Europe’s famous Disc Jockey (DJ) spinner known as DJ Zevzek has released his very own full length album, “Dis Duzzit.” - February 17, 2015

Husband-and-Wife Tandem Dan and Cristina Handrabur Make Up What is the Band "Weed"

The latest release from Weed contains many nuggets of musical works with ambient singer Cristina Handrabur that lends her beautifully distinctive vocals to songs on "Visionary Sessions." - February 13, 2015

Great New Blues, Rock and BigBeat Artist to Release a Nineteen (19) Song LP Entitled Delta Rezuwreckshan

Han Drabur’s keyboards, slide and electric guitar bring together a traditional old school blues and rock sound on the debut Delta Rezuwreckshan album - February 10, 2015

Mov Sessian Project Available from Sunset Classics This Month

Clarinetist Claudine Movsessian is one of the most acclaimed classical artists that has manifested in music today - renowned for her melodic, polished, dignified, imaginative, creative clarinet work and for her broad undertaking in delivering a modern day classical tradition to broader and youthful avid listener. - February 07, 2015

Hip Hop Artist Leaves You Wanting More

When you think of Hip Hop music, the ideology of the Dancehall boom is a natural blend in styles that should come to mind. - January 17, 2015

Sunset Daily News Launches This Week

Sunset Daily News, a brand new 24/7 up to the minute news media outlet, has officially launched this week after six full weeks of live beta testing at the web site. - May 24, 2014

Sustainable Action Network (SAN) Announces the Launch of Newly Revamped Innovative, Comprehensive Website

Sustainable Action Network (SAN) is launching a newly designed interactive website to effectively promote its agendas. - May 22, 2014

S2e Books is Pleased to Announce the Release of “Something Known,” a Magical Story of Community and Humanity

“Something Known”, is the tale of a young monk, Eli Deo, who is about to leave his monastery in order to go out to discover the world beyond his simple life of prayer and devotion. However, the sacred, unknown brotherhood of Monks to which Deo belongs guards a powerful secret that holds... - May 07, 2014

American Exceptionalism May be America’s Biggest Misconception in World History Today

American Exceptionalism may be America’s biggest misconception in World History today. Don Lichterman, acclaimed writer of “Three Weeks in June” (2011), has set out to explain this misconception in his new book, “Diary of a Rams Fan.” In this book, Lichterman... - April 30, 2014

"Let the World Unite" is in Stores This Month

Full length 10-track album "Let The World Unite" by No-Limitt is set to hit stores on April 29th. - April 24, 2014

"No One Likes a Dirty Beach" is in Stores Now and 3 All Mighty Performs Live This Week to Celebrate Woman's Appreciation Month

3 All Mighty Performs Live this week to celebrate Woman's Appreciation Month! - March 28, 2014

Respect to Release Scorned, the Roots Reggae CD Recorded by the Legendary Reggae Artist

Tropical Records (Sunset Distribution Company) sets up to release the full length reggae CD entitled Scorned by the legend, Respect. - July 22, 2013

The Party Series CD Collection Begins Releasing Each of Its Five (5) CDs Beginning on January 23, 2013

World Party CD is to be released on January 22nd, with the Rockin Party CD hitting stores on January 29th, and so on with the Lounge Party CD, the HipHop Party CD and the dance Party CD, on each consecutive Tuesday through February 19th. The latest from SSM (Sunset Strategic Marketing) label,... - January 05, 2013

Joe Atman is Set to Release His Debt Cd Entitled, It Took The Village with Sunset Records; Street Day is in December 15, 2012

It Took The Village by Joe Atman is being released to stores all over the world on December 15th. Joe Atman has strong influences that are soulful and his debut CD, It Took The Village, Atman opens up with a solemn track, and one of the main singles on the album, "Arrest Me," and his... - November 11, 2012

Sunset Records Signs Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Joe Atman

(Joe) Atman is to release his debut CD, It Took The Village, for the Sunset Label, on December 11th. Sunset Records is excited to announce the signing of singer and songwriter Joe Atman and they have already begun to set up the It The Took The Village release for a street day on December 11th. The... - October 21, 2012

New Rap Songs from Bomb Baby; Bronx HipHop Artist, E(dot) Milz Releases “When Animalz Attack” Album

New Rap Songs from the latest E(dot) Milz album, is added to the Hip Hop world today. “When Animalz Attack” first single “Bikini Martini” is already creating attention in the hiphop community and in radio. The Bronx rapper is set to expand his own community, to the rest of... - September 20, 2012

E(dot) Milz is Set to Release to Stores All Over the World, Its When Animalz Attack Album, with Sunset Urban on September 18th

When Animalz Attack, by the hiphop artist E(dot) Milz, is being released to all stores that sell music, on September 18th , this year. Bomb Baby (Sunset Urban) Hip Hop Artist E(Dot) Milz announced today that he will release his debut album with Sunset (Urban) "When In Animalz Attack" on... - August 10, 2012

New Music Being Distributed Through the Sunset Distribution Company

Sunset Urban and Sunset Distribution has signed the Bomb Baby Unlimited record label to a worldwide distribution deal. Sunset signs a deal with the Bomb Baby Unlimited record label, whose collective roster includes such rap / Hip-hop acts as B.L.O, Pre Daily, E (dot) Milz, Da Orlock, Lo Kee the... - August 04, 2012

Cryout Will Give Fans a Free Show at the Hutchinson Emancipation Day Celebrations on Aug. 4 (This Saturday) After the Parade in Hutchinson, Kansas

Cryout will give fans a free show at the Hutchinson Emancipation Day Celebrations on Aug. 4 (this Saturday) after the parade in Hutchinson, Kansas. Tropical Recording artist, Cryout will play live this weekend to culminate the Hutchinson Emancipation Day Celebrations day parade on Aug. 4 (this... - August 03, 2012

Sunset Classics Gets Ready to Release the "Deliverance" CD by World Music and Avant Garde Experimental Music Artist, Martens

Marten’s sets up his brand new full length 14 song Experimental CD with SC&J (Sunset Classics & Jazz). The avant-garde electronic experimental deep underground music artist Martens gets set to release his brand new full length CD with Sunset Classics (SC&J). Martens produced a... - December 30, 2011

The Brand New Music on the "Are You Listening" CD Was Independently Released Earlier in the Year by the Australia Band, BabyJane

The album is hard rock and metal music at its best and Sunset (Records) has set up the CD to be released all over the world, on January 24th, 2012. The songs are edgy with aggressive lyrics and accessible hooks that make up a solid full length CD. The band has great talent musically and production... - December 30, 2011

Australian Hard Rock Band BabyJane Signs a Worldwide Record Deal with Sunset Records

Sunset signs hard rock act, BabyJane from Perth, Australia this week, Are You Listening? To hit stores January 24th, 2012. The debut BabyJane album entitled “Are You Listening?” is being up to be released on January 24, 2012, following its signing to Sunset Records this week. Multi... - December 13, 2011

Stryk Releases Debut Album, Thorough

Stryk is preparing to release his debut album later this month, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented Hip-Hop, R&B singer-songwriter, and Composer. - December 11, 2011

Sunset Music Publishing Launches an Innovative Online Automated Licensing Tool

Sunset Music Publishing launches an innovative online automated licensing tool for music supervisors to find production music in all formats and with all styles of music. Sunset Music Publishing announces the launch of its automated licensing tool, an innovative new online marketplace for... - November 06, 2011

Sunset Connect is Thrilled to Announce the Fourth Full-Length Release by 3 All Mighty

Sunset Connect is thrilled to announce the fourth full-length release from U.S.based trip-hop-electronica styled music producer, 3 All Mighty. Her (3 All Mighty) latest CD release, “Seven Rebekkahs” will be released worldwide on October 4th. - September 26, 2011

Rick Starmer Releases Set of Jazz Standards on No Such Thing as Time at Sunset Jazz

Rick Starmer releases a brand new 15 song set of traditional jazz standards and originals,“No Such Thing As Time,” at Sunset Jazz Recordings on September 27th. - September 25, 2011

Sunset is Getting Ready to Release Both Full Length Panjoma CDs, Limited Print: Trixtser God and Happy Panjoma Worldwide to Stores Everywhere

After releasing albums and EP’s on their own, Panjoma is setting up their Limited Print: Trixtser God (In Stores on September 27th) and their Happy Panjoma (In Stores October 18th) CDs with Sunset. - September 22, 2011

Sunset Adds Four (4) New Trip Hop, Dance and Electronic Acts to the Connect Label

Sunset Connect signs four (4) new acts this month, and will be releasing nine (9) albums by Panjoma, 3 All Mighty, Store Thousands and J Mitchell. Sunset begins to sign new music acts for the first time in over a year and it has begun to build its Connect record label by adding four new acts this... - September 18, 2011

Reggae Legends The Mighty Diamonds Along with Tropical Recording Artist, Mabrak Play Live in the Bay Area Next Week

The names have not changed over the last four decades, and reggae legends, The Mighty Diamonds along with Tropical / Sunset Recording artist, Mabrak continue to set the live standard in reggae music today. The Mighty Diamonds, which got its start in the late '60s along with reggae drumming legend,... - August 04, 2011

Grammy Award Winning Jazz Producer, Rob "Wacko" Hunter, (Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Men In Black Soundtrack), is in Studio with Rick Starm

Grammy Award Winning Jazz Producer, Rob “Wacko” Hunter, (Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Men In Black Soundtrack), is in studio finishing up with the new Rick Starmer full length CD. Sunset Jazz Recording artist, Rick Starmer, is in the studio now, mixing down his new CD... - August 01, 2011

Three Weeks In June is Being Released This Month

Three Weeks In June will be in stores this month and will be available wherever books are sold online, in stores, digitally as eBooks and as an Audio book. - June 19, 2011

Songs from the Award Winning Documentary Film, American Drug War: The Last White Hope Have Been Compiled to be Made Available on Sunset Records Soundtracks

Songs from the award winning documentary film, American Drug War: The Last White Hope have been compiled to be made available on a soundtrack CD that is now in stores everywhere that sell music, sells music downloads, streams music & as ringtones. - June 17, 2011

The Introduction to No-Limitt, and His New Afrolife Master Sound, is Evident on His Debut CD Released by Tropical Records

Gbakurumo (Hold On), is the No-Limitt answer to an Afrolife Master sound is set to be released on Tropical Records on May 24th. - May 22, 2011

The Most Recent Los Marijuanos Album, "Trippin On Tricombs," is a Deluxe Full Length Thirty (30) Song CD That Includes the Hit Song, "Summertime," is in Stores Now

“Thumbs Up” to the Sunset Urban label for releasing the brand new thirty (30) song CD, "Trippin On Tricombs," by Los Marijuanos. - April 08, 2011

Join Sunset Jazz Piano Based Trio, Woodcock Group, as They Celebrate the Release of a Brand New Full Length CD, Water Stories on May 3rd

Woodcock Group’s a trio that gives jazz listeners a CD that evokes great characteristics and eloquence, impressive for an artist that has not even released its debut CD to stores, until now with Sunset Jazz. - April 03, 2011

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