Boozee Brings AR & VR to Bars to Attract Millennials

London, United Kingdom, August 08, 2019 --( When we initiate a discussion on what millennials want, it usually cannot come to a conclusion without mentioning the evolving trends and perceptions adopted by millennials. From their choice of entertainment to their drinking habits, millennials are very conscious about following the bandwagon associated with anything they might be interested in.

Let’s talk about what millennials actually spend their time doing throughout the day. In a survey conducted back in 2016, 53% millennials said that they cannot live without their smartphones. According to Nielsen, 18-34 year olds spend around 11 hours and 26 minutes with their smartphones on a weekly basis. Moreover, 70-80% of their smartphone usage accounts for social networking, playing games, and watching videos. This is exactly what Boozee App has made a perfect use of in its innovative strategy.

The only reason millennials don’t want to come out of their bed and go for a drink at the nearest bar is because they feel they will lose their connection to the virtual world. And, this is what Boozee App is changing. Read how:

1. Augmented Reality Games

Boozee App features various games such as Tray Game and Flip Cup challenges that run via Augmented Reality, a term that attracts millennials both figuratively and literally. Moreover, there are rewards and incentives in the form of discounts for those who complete the challenges.

2. Companion Character

Just like any application’s mascot, Boozee AR character is the true face of the app. It serves as a drinking companion for those individuals who do not have a friend or loved to hang out with at a certain time. This AR character tells fun drinking toasts, gives tips about drinking, reminds you to take care of your health in the next morning, puts up challenges (alone and group), etc.

Nothing more and nothing else, this character is a true manifestation of Augmented Reality put into use.

3. AR Animated Beverage Labels

Boozee app also offers another exciting AR supported feature which involves beer bottles. Anyone with the app can scan the labels on low alcohol beverage bottles to witness amazing visual 3D experiences.

What else does the app offer?

The app turns out to be useful for both bar owners and their customers. Individuals who own bars and pubs can easily attract a large portion of millennials to enjoy their drinks. On the other hand, the drinkers can make the most of their time getting entertained thanks to Boozee app.

The app also offers a feedback solution which helps bar owners get instant and better responses about their bars. Boozee also provides interactive drinking coasters that activate the app with one phone tap. It just doesn’t end here, Boozee provides its partner bars and pubs with a transmitter sticker that allows you to target nearby people through Bluetooth system.

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Founder Jörgen Laumets
Jorgen Laumets