Nonfiction and New Languages Are Hot Off the Press at Arbordale Publishing

Two new nature-themed picture books and dozens of translated Arbordale classics make their debut this fall.

Mount Pleasant, SC, August 09, 2019 --( After summer vacations spent spotting nature, keep learning at home with Arbordale’s new titles, "Animal Skins" and "The Forest in the Trees." World travelers can brush up on new languages with classic Arbordale picture books also making their debut this fall. Both "The Forest in the Trees" and "Animal Skins" release on September 10th, and titles in French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are currently available and forthcoming throughout the fall.

Scientists are continually learning about the natural world, and the books, releasing this fall, incorporate years of research on animals and trees. "Animal Skins" is the newest edition of Mary Holland’s Animal Anatomy and Adaptations series that gives readers insight into the outer coverings of all types of animals. Holland is a skilled nature photographer as well as a naturalist. She pairs simple facts, some are well-known others more obscure, with detailed photographs of birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects.

In Connie McLennan’s "The Forest in the Trees," detailed illustrations reveal the unique inhabitants of the canopy of the coast redwoods. Recent research by biologists that climbed the giant trees revealed a green world and inspired McLennan to write this book for young children. The succinct stanzas and cumulative style reveal a new plant or animal that make up this ecosystem while reminding us of findings on previous pages. McLennan is a talented artist and paid close attention to researchers photographs to get every detail accurate in her illustrations.

In addition to these two titles, Arbordale debuts a collection of foreign language titles where little readers can begin to explore character languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. While all titles are available in Spanish, this year Arbordale releases other romance languages adding French and Portuguese. German is also available this Fall with Indonesian and Thai following this Winter. Popular titles such as "Newton and Me," "Living Things and Nonliving Things," and "Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant" have been translated into most languages. Digital editions allow readers to switch between all the available languages with just one click and compare the text with a bilingual option. A complete listing of the titles in each language can be found by using the sort feature at

Fun and learning have always been the goal as we create picture books with a science twist, and this year is no exception. While Arbordale offers extensive teaching activities and quizzes available online, crafts and coloring pages are also found on their blog and social media channels. Request "The Forest in the Trees" and "Animal Skins" from local booksellers on September 10th or pre-order from a favorite online bookseller. Foreign language titles are also available through booksellers, and multilingual digital editions can be purchased through Arbordale Publishing as a subscription or single title.
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Heather Williams