A Unique After-School Writing Program in Mississauga

Description of a new after-school education program in Mississauga.

Mississauga, Canada, August 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Parents often search for an after-school program that stimulates their children and teaches them skills for the future. After the first group of graduates from Quills and Quotes started winning speech competitions and acing their school papers, the Mississauga-based program was inundated with phone calls. The program teaches children in grades 4-9 communication skills, specifically essay writing and public speaking, with an emphasis on global learning. In addition to writing and presenting skills, students will engage in lively debates, learn the fundamentals of slide presentations, understand media literacy and critically analyze global issues.

The program was created by professionals and educators who realized their children were taught the basics of math, English and science, but not the tools to succeed in the corporate and academic world. They knew their children would face program and job interviews, boardroom presentations, seminars, conferences and networking events. They saw how technology was limiting children’s writing skills. They knew that persuasive essay writing skills were imperative for all academic work, applications and proposals. The founders wanted their children to go beyond the classroom.

The school differs from other programs in its modern approach to learning. Lectures are multi-media delivered with PowerPoint, whiteboard case analysis, group work and class collaboration. In addition, even the primary students are required to submit work on Google Classroom to ensure rapid teacher feedback. Finally, all learning tools relate to critical analysis or understanding of past and present issues. Children tackle issues that face them, such as childhood obesity, social media, and peer pressure. They learn history through weekly homework, topics such as Pearl Harbour, the Hindenburg explosion, and the life of Genghis Khan. They study the masters of public speaking, people like Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., President Abraham Lincoln, and Malala Yousafzai. Older students learn the art of networking, acing interviews, and how to write persuasive personal essays. Highlights for the students include the yearly Quills vs Quotes competition, the end-of-year QUILL Talk, Drop the MIC night, impromptu speech games and the vocabulary challenges. The curriculum seeks to teach students to write, speak, and succeed while developing global knowledge.

When asked about the teachers, Shauna Jain, one founder smiled. “Selecting our teachers was challenging. They needed to meet certain strict criteria. We were looking for engaging public speakers, excellent writers, motivating and passionate educators, with advanced English education. We interviewed many candidates before selecting our core group of teachers.”

Past graduates testify to confidence in school presentations, success in speech competitions, and excellence in academic work. RJ, a previously anxious public speaker, made it to the finals of his school speech competition. Another child, AK, who struggled in English class, graduated with honours in English and History this year. For Dr. Jain, the most satisfying results are when students use their newly acquired skills to assume leadership positions, join clubs like Model UN, enter writing contests and feel empowered to succeed.

It is a 35-week program beginning in mid-Sept until mid-June and current locations are in South Mississauga. Registration for the 2019-2020 program is well underway.

For more information and to register, visit their website at www.quillsandquotes.ca, or contact the head office at 647-985-3711 or admin@quillsandquotes.ca.
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