P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members

P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) Honors the Newest Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, August 27, 2019 --(PR.com)-- P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to recognize their newest Women of Empowerment members who have been honored for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is pleased to introduce the newest Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Rhonda Shear--Apparel/Fashion
Meledy L. Mathis--Health/Fitness
Melanie Stambaugh--Coaching
Shahla Shahmiri--Catering
Katherine Rule--Personal Services
Leslie O'Hare--Coaching
Stephanie Keith--Publishing
Barbara Vivolo--Beauty/Cosmetics
Ann M. Crist--Healthcare
Jourdyn P. Kelly--Retail Industry
Wenny Vazquez--Engineering
Anna Kaiser--Health/Fitness
Vera Moore--Beauty/Cosmetics
Debbie L. Bass--Education
Shana Barton--Construction/Building
Alexandra Betesh--Information Technology/IT
Maureen Barnes--Mental Health Care
Calida N. Jones--Consulting
Lynda Fuller--Retail Industry
Regina E. Stredwick--Retail Industry
Trina K. Gurrobat--Information Technology/IT
Pamela Hatalak--Real Estate
Shawn Cave--Crafter
Gail James--Health/Fitness
Sarah Padrutt--Healthcare
Tsitsi Madzongwe--Publishing
Bernadine D. Williams--Interior Design
Susan L. Spahn--Publishing
JoAnn T. Sorlucco--Transportation
Susan M. B. Frederick--Health Services
Regina Walsh--Healthcare
Jetta D. Civil--Financial Services
Tashia Robertson--Human Services
Helen Beth Pagan--Retail Industry
Viviana P. Fullwood--Education
Megan Walker--Massage Therapy
Emma L. Anderson--Education
Penelope Bach--Law/Legal Services
Latoya N. Williams--Publishing
Pauline Brown--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Darlene R. Small--Education
Lucita Cartagena--Healthcare
Shontae Farrington--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jennifer A. Walden--Entertainment
Naitsabes A. Barreto-Perez--Education
Wanda D. Foster--Real Estate
Regina M. Strother Upchurch--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Chelsea J. Harden--Transportation
Victoria Mobley--Cleaning Service
Caroline L. Dixon--Government
Phyllis G. Hayes--Government
Juwanna C. Scott--Mental Health Care
Joyce Giraud--Beauty/Cosmetics
Donna Lee Pinela--Pharmaceuticals
Dorothy M. Turner--Publishing
Jessica N. Duckworth--Chemicals
Sue G. Kelbus--Law/Legal Services
Valorie F. Wood--Construction/Building
Staci L. Wells--E-Commerce
Marguerite A. Thompson--Accounting
Claudia Hindriksen--Law Enforcement
Rebecca W. Theuri--Healthcare
Robin Joy Ramquist--Health Services
Beverly Harvey--Consulting
April-Star R. Frey-Smith--Education
Rita J. Smith--Agriculture
Sarah A. Knavelisola--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Carrie E. Gallant--Coaching
Amy Guin--Law/Legal Services
Karen R H Jackson--Entertainment
Diane Woods--Crafting
Kathy C. G. Fester--Business Owner
Nancy G. D'Abrosca--Retail Industry
Kathy Boeckman--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Kendyl Renee McCray--Entertainment
Viola Jones--Healthcare
Mercedes Ty--Insurance
Kelli Barton--Agriculture
Annie Leib--Photography
Allie Snodgrass--Media
Melinda Maria--Jewelry
Rachel Campos-Duffy--Entertainment
Kim Perell--Entrepreneur
Deborah J. Conevera--Nutrition/Wellness
Olena Harris--Apparel/Fashion
Julie E. Flores--Healthcare
Darlene L. Petrat--Retail Industry
Penney J. McGough--Food/Beverages
Barbie Price--Health Services
Kim Burton--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Zelda Greenberg--Real Estate
Pamela M. Jasper--Publishing
Lynda Walsh--Coaching
Paula Sanchez--Healthcare
Jamie H. Robinson--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tamatha Y. Rusk--Photography
Jacquelinee Henderson--Event Services
Danice Vance--Financial Services
Sabrina Dean--Beauty/Cosmetics
Carmel M. Foster--Human Services
Aleksandra Dubina--Health Services
Dora P. Smiley--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Shannon K. Bellah-Lee--Art
Christine Papaspiridakos--Healthcare
Jessica Leddington--Art
Corinne Safille--Health/Fitness
Angela Porter--Healthcare
Devon Gagnon--Healthcare
Rabia Z. Bhatti--Healthcare
Teresa L. Martin--Healthcare
Bobbie L. Bell--Entertainment
Tara K. Fairbanks--Upholstery
Dewanda Fisher--Insurance
Betty Rifilato--E-Commerce
Belinda Sutphen--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Karen Marie Edwards--Healthcare
Lisa C. Scott--Healthcare
Sinmi Balogun--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Lisa A. Althaus--Coaching
Varsha Salani--Health Services
P. Catalina Ivan--Insurance
Patty A. Farr--Real Estate
Roxanne Forcier Grey--Construction/Building
Lawrinda L. Moody--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Charlotte L. Murphy--Publishing
Haneef I. Davenport--Publishing
Melissa R. Simmons--Education
Donna M. Migliore--Telecommunications
Rosalind A. Breske--Consulting
Jessica Looney--Beauty/Cosmetics
Jennifer J. Young--Coaching
Cyndy L. Vasquez--Publishing
Crystal Tanita Richmond--Cleaning Service
Susan Berkoff--Public Relations/PR
Denise A. Goins--Mental Health Care
Judith Pierre-Dazle--Alternative Medicine
Sarah McGlauflin--Mental Health Care
Deb Stafford--Education
Leslie C. Glikis--Real Estate
Hollissa Anderson--Art
Krystal Leilani R. Pasiliao--Health Services
Shirley Duncan-Pratt--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Kimberly M. Levinson--Health/Fitness
C. Susan Keen--Law/Legal Services
Paola L. Reed--Wine/Spirits
Kean A. Dey Foy--Education
Abigail M. Butler--Coaching
Susan Zemser Israel--Retail Industry
Lisa Spurgis--Financial Services
Dara Collison--Insurance
Dotti J. Wheeler--Pet Care
Cynthia D. Vineyard-Brown--Healthcare
Shayla P. Peterson--Mental Health Care
Jennifer D. Lane--Advertising/Marketing
Maria White-Reeps--Title Insurance Manager
Nancy G. Mazza--Automotive
Sarena J. Smith--Publishing
Grace L. Nystrum--Banking/Mortgage
Sharon M. O'Conner--Government
Joye Kinkade--Event Services
Andrea M. Gonzalez--Beauty/Cosmetics
Kelly C. Leese--Health/Fitness
Sarah K. Terrible--Speech/Occupational Therapy
Linda Dunnigan--Coaching

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