US Publisher Works with Independent Author to Help Dyslexic Readers

In a rare, if not unique, publishing collaboration, a New Zealand-based publisher who won a contract with US's Morgan James Publishing house for her middle-grade trilogy, is also self-publishing each novel in a separate dyslexia-friendly edition-with full permission and support from Morgan James.

New York, NY, August 09, 2019 --( How to make the self-publishing boom work for dyslexic readers?

In rare, if not unique, collaboration the Morgan James Publishing House is working alongside an innovative new children’s writer, Michele Clark McConnochie, to make her books available for readers who are dyslexic. “The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers” is a middle-grade trilogy which is being published as an e-book and a traditional paperback by Morgan James Publishing, but they have also given permission for McConnochie to independently publish versions using a specialised font called dyslexie. This is the same font used by Henry Winkler for his Hank Zipzer series and was developed in the Netherlands “to make reading, learning and working easier” ( On top of that, she will donate $1 to the American Dyslexia Association for every dyslexia-friendly copy she sells (

McConnochie has over twenty years’ experience in education behind her new career as a children’s author and creative writing teacher. The first book in the trilogy – "The Uncooperative Flying Carpet" – was published in 2018 and the second – "The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers" – releases across the US April 2020 with a tentative date for the final book – "The Uncontrollable Slingshot" – scheduled for late 2020. “I was thrilled to be published,” says McConnochie. “It is the dream of every writer. But what made me proudest was when a mother reached out to me and told me her daughter loved my books and thought I must be very kind to go to the effort of making sure dyslexics like her had books to read.”

The trilogy tells the story of Sabrina Summers, her dyslexic brother Rory and two friends as they are transported to a strange land and find themselves in the guises of old fashioned fairytale characters from Cinderella to Baby Bear. They battle the bad guys, learn to take responsibility for their actions and have a lot of fun along the way. The books stress that kindness to people and animals knows no boundaries and features a girl who becomes a leader and is able to show resilience in even the most unexpected situations. The books are supported by free-to-download teaching resources in both dyslexie and a traditional font.

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Michele Clark McConnochie
Michele Clark McConnochie