Makeblock Unveils mTiny, a Screen-Free Education Robot for Children

Shenzhen, China, August 10, 2019 --( Global STEAM education solution provider, Makeblock today released mTiny, a screen-free education robot for teachers and children above 4-year-old to teach and learn computational, sequential thinking, and cross-curricular knowledge with extensive study packs and unique off-screen learning experience. mTiny is now available on Makeblock Store/Amazon at US$149.99.

“We are helping children foster skills at the age where their young minds are developing at the fastest,” says Jasen Wang, Founder and CEO of Makeblock, “mTiny offers a fresh experience of learning computational thinking and more. In lieu of having them parked in front of a screen, mTiny encourages children to be observant and interactive with their parents, teachers and friends.”

mTiny unvirtualize the essence of learning computation and brings it all to the actual hands of children to show how simple programs are created and executed. It pairs with a tap pen controller and operates on a smart thematic mat and a collection of command cards which has nearly unlimited combinations. Children tap on the command cards to enter sequential, directional and emotional instructions. They can also drive mTiny to perform sequential patterns.

mTiny is designed for children on different learning stages to unleash their talents.

To quickly get started, children can learn to program mTiny through pre-set routes on the mat featured with sites of interest and events to feel the logic of elementary coding or just enjoy sheer entertainment by strolling mTiny around on the mat and seeing how it interacts with the events.

Moreover, mTiny is adaptive to a wide variety of teaching and learning settings such as kindergartens, training institutions and thematic camps. mTiny has integrated interactive electronic components and is supplemented with systematic curricular and study packs designed by Makeblock education experts. mTiny helps educators foster children’s cross curricular knowledge such as mathematics, arts, English and music. Teachers can also create unique teaching plans with mTiny.

mTiny is now available on Makeblock Store/Amazon at

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